Other ways in which Scalia is exactly like that irritating uncle of yours:

Chief Justice Roberts has a light, witty touch, while the laughter that follows a long hypothetical question from Justice Breyer can feel like an expression of relief. Justice Scalia, by contrast, will repeat jokes mercilessly, raising questions about whether he has artificially increased his laugh count.

Meanwhile, on the season premiere of Portlandia (great show!):

“Are you then saying that these people have to be grandfathered?” she asked. She corrected herself, now using gender-neutral language: “Or grandparented?”

There was laughter, but it was not clear whether Justice Ginsburg had meant her clarification as a joke.

And sometimes they decide whether people live or die, because of technology they don't understand. A constant human-interest story, these folks. Exactly like that morning coffee club of old folks at the carpet store on Main Street, except with complete, unchecked power for a lifetime. [NYT]


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