Supreme Court Might Let Trump Tell Congress, America To Get Bent

Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided to once again halt the release of Donald Trump's tax returns.

The brief order in Trump v. Mazarstemporarily blocks a lower court order requiring the accounting firm to turn Trump's tax returns over to the House Oversight and Reform Committee, which first issued subpoenas for the returns back in April.

What does this mean?

Team Trump has until December 5 at noon to file its cert petition. Once that has been filed, the Court will decide whether or not to grant cert (hear the case). If SCOTUS decides not to hear the case, the DC Circuit's decision directing Mazars to turn the damn tax returns over will go into effect.

Because the legal issues in this case are quite clear, there's really no need for the Supreme Court to hear the case. But I have a feeling they're going to want to hear it, anyway. And since the five conservative justices on the Court seem to be drinking the same Flavor-Aid as the rest of the American Right, who the fuck knows what's going to happen next.

If the Court does decide to hear the case -- which IMO is the more likely scenario -- Trump's tax returns will remain safely in Jeffrey Epstein's Mazars vault while the case proceeds.

The good[-ish] news here is that the Court is likely to expedite this case and get to a ruling much more quickly than it does in most, as indicated by the 10-day deadline for the cert petition.

The bad news is that, if the Court rules for Trump, his tax returns may never see the light of day.

Did Trump kill Tupac and Biggie?

As you may remember, Trump is fighting battles to keep his tax returns from prosecutors, Congress, and the American people on several fronts. Whether that's because they show tax fraud, ties to the Russian mob, or that Trump killed Tupac and Biggie still remains to be seen.

The issues in each of the Trump tax return cases are different, but the zeal with which Trump has fought each of them shows that there are definitely some skeletons hiding within the pages of his tax returns. This particular case is a battle over whether Trump's accounting firm can turn his financial records over to the House Oversight Committee. As we have already explained, the law is pretty damn clear on this issue.

The crux of Trump's "legal" argument is that the Oversight Committee is only allowed to oversee stuff they might legislate and thus their subpoena is ILLEGAL. Also, too, if Donald Trump committed loan fraud or tax fuckery, it happened before he took office, so it doesn't count. Which is extremely, HAHAHA, FUCK YOU, since we remember the hearings on the Clinton Foundation -- not to mention a certain land deal in Arkansas that somehow morphed into the Starr Report on the state of a young intern's dress -- thankyouverymuch.

Chief Justice John Roberts loves to talk about how the Court is not a political entity, but with a few exceptions, the Roberts Court, particularly after the addition of Kegs Kavanaugh, has essentially acted as the judicial wing of the Republican Party. If the Court really wants to prove its independence, now's the time.

And listen, I'm not saying that Trump definitely killed Tupac and Biggie. I'm just saying there are some major questions, here.


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Jamie Lynn Crofts
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