What is wrong with this Sonia Sotomayor, that she is not sitting on a fat pile of cash like most upstanding citizens?Her financial disclosure forms suggest she's got in the neighborhood of $100,000 socked away, which is not terribly impressive for a fancy judge who has had her fancy judging job for a while.

Sure, most of us would not turn up our noses at $100,000, because that would be nearly enough to get us out of credit card debt and maybe buy some groceries besides! But doesn't this gal want to save up for retirement, or the apocalypse or whatever?

Long-lost boyfriend Nate Silver explains why it would be dumb for her to save a lot of money: she's got a fat federal pension to look forward to when she retires; there's virtually no chance of her ever losing her job; and really well hookers and blow do take a bite out of the old finances.

At least she does not live in a simple backwoods shack like SOME Supreme Court justices.

Sotomayor Reports Financial Assets of Around $100,000 [Wall Street Journal]

Grandmother of World's 23rd Best Economist Posthumously Offended by Sonia Sotomayor's Spending Habits; Will Obama Withdraw Nomination? [FiveThirtyEight]


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