Surgeons Are Conservative, Midwives Hate America. It's Science!

Here is some science for us to play with, from Verdant Labs, which did science research data analysis collection math stuff, and also has an app to tell you how you should name your baby, which is useful if you have never heard any names before, we guess?

Verdant Labs looked at sixtyteen or however many different professions to calculate whether cattle ranchers are conservative (they are!) and librarians are Democrats (duh, of course):

The results are especially interesting when you juxtapose professions that are aligned or opposed in some way. Not surprisingly, environmentalists and oil workers are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Why, though, are pediatricians overwhelmingly Democratic while urologists are overwhelmingly Republican?

So doctors who love The Children are dirty liberals, and doctors who love dicks are Republican? Yes, that sounds about exactly right to us!

It is fun to look at all of Verdant's numbers and charts and graphs if you want to confirm all your preconceived stereotypes about Catholic priests and yoga instructors and dentists and truck drivers and on and on et cetera to infinity. You can even look at one of the charts to find out if, based on your profession, you are doing your politics wrong, according to science. For example, if you are in the "Social & Environment" bidness, you are supposed to be a liberal, which you already knew:

If you are in the "Fossil Fuels" industry, you are probably a Republican, and most likely bought and paid for by the Koch brothers, and you earn your paycheck by destroying the planet, THANKS A LOT, so you should eat a bag of dicks or quit and become a lefty opera singer instead, the end.

[Verdant Labs via WaPo]


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