Susan Estrich Outraged by Obama's Reggaeton

The three great tastes of Barry Hussein Obama, Latino voters and early 1990s Reggaeton have finally been combined at Amigos de Obama, the great new outreach website that has the best official campaign song since Hillary chose "The Bitch is Back."

"Reggaeton" is a terrible mix of hip hop, generic reggae and bomba usually performed too loud, as a ring tone. Obama's campaign wizards have wisely made their jingle available in the popular cell-phone format so that voters will get so sick of hearing the delightful Spanglish lyrics and OBAMA! OBAMA! chant that they'll vote for Bill Richardson because his name sounds anglo.

Sing along with Wonkette: En esta gran nacion ya no existe una buena educacion, Dicen que todo el dinero va a la imigracion.

Amigos de Obama


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