* Rudy might have forgotten to ask some kind of important questions in that job interview. [Marc Ambinder]

* John McCain thinks Gore's Nobel prize should have gone to the monks in Burma, because, well, there's nothing worse than innocent people being detained and tortured all willy-nilly by a government by a cabal of oligarchs. [Election Central]

* Hey remember how Al Gore used to love to exaggerate? Guess What! [Fresh Intelligence]

* The reason Petraeus joined the military was because of his visceral hatred of war and violence. The reason Al Gore sought the presidency was so he could kill people. Duh. [Think Progress]

* Bobby Jindal is ahead to be Louisiana's governor because the motherfucker delivers baby and walks on water and turns rocks into moonshine. [Political Wire]

* How much does Bush like to do illegal things in secret? This much! [Council on Foreign Relations]


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