Sweet Crickets, This New GOP Website Is One Helluva Funbag


Yes. YES. Look at him shake it. He's like,"What up? I'm here, and it's time to party, baby." Again: a hilarious dancing hobbit version of Michael Steele appears when you load the new GOP.com. Everyone is loving this. Think Progress is having a very Think Progress-y field day, with its dreaded flat tone of icy partisanship: "However, one of the people listed as a 'great Republican' is baseball legend Jackie Robinson, who actually identified himself as an independent. In fact, Robinson spoke out about the 'hatred' he saw at the 1964 GOP convention, where Barry Goldwater won the nomination. He called it 'one of the most unforgettable and frightening experiences of my life.'" Holy potatoes, this is one fuckin' website here. We'll probably post about some other insane aspect of it in like an hour. [GOP.com]


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