Symbol of All That is Wrong With Minnesota Makes Perfect Gubernatorial Candidate

When last we heard from former Worst Senator Ever Mark Dayton, the man who redefined "ineffectual" on a national scale mentioned considering a run for Governor of Minnesota. Now he's serious about it, while reserving the right to not be serious about it at some point in the future!

"I intend to run for governor," Dayton said in an interview, adding that he could change his mind. "Three years is a long time away."

Mark made sure to mention this to a crowd that included the only other Democrat to announce her intention to run for Governor, because there's nothing he enjoys more than infuriating the local DFL, unless it's being generally useless. This is why we love him and hope he continues running for things, winning, then promptly quitting when realizes they're no fun for the rest of his life. It might actually make him the most qualified Presidential candidate we can think of.

Looking ahead, Mark Dayton says he plans to run for governor in 2010 [Strib]


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