Tabloids Pay When Governator Plays

The L.A. Times reports that American Media Inc., the National Enquirer's parent company may have purchased the silence of Arnold Schwarzenegger's bubbly named alleged extramarital paramour Gigi Goyette. The Times reports that AMI paid Goyette a $20,000 as an advance for an alleged bodybuilding memoir that never saw the light of day. Yet the most chilling detail in the Times's blockbuster report is this, courtesy of Lawrence Leamer's recently published Schwarzenegger bio:

Leamer writes that Goyette described her contact with Schwarzenegger with the term " 'outercourse' because it's like foreplay." The interaction, she told him, was "whatever we wanted it to be."

Outercourse? Man, Schwarzenegger was clearly MUCH more traumatized by his role in Junior than anyone suspected.

Tabloid's Deal with Woman Shielded Schwarzenegger [L.A. Times]


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