The Extremely Shady Side Of Zac Efron. Tabs Extra! Sat., March 21, 2020

The Extremely Shady Side Of Zac Efron. Tabs Extra! Sat., March 21, 2020

I had so many fucking tabs open I had to do a Saturday extra! Let's take a coronavirus journey through *waves vaguely* all of it!

A Disaster Foretold: Shortages of medical supplies and ventilators have long been warned about. (LA Times)

Imagine being a Deep Stater trying to explain this to President Fuck You, and watching 40 days go to waste. (Washington Post)

Or imagine being Congress, with President Fuck You saying fuck you. (Daily Beast)

Trump Resists Pressure to Force Companies to Make Coronavirus Supplies — New York Times

Tom Scocca at Slate: This Isn't Trump's Katrina. It's Stupid, Slow-Motion 9/11. We could have averted the worst. Our pathological president ensured that we did not.

Trump's Katrina has come and gone; the pandemic is Trump's 9/11—an even stupider 9/11 than the original stupid one, 9/11 if the president's security briefing on Sept. 10 had been titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S. by Hijacking Commercial Airliners Out of Washington and Boston and Crashing Them Into Major Buildings in September," and people had just read it out on TV for the public to hear, and also camera crews had followed Mohamed Atta to the Portland, Maine, airport but the government had not bothered to keep track of him when he entered the terminal. And the security checkpoints had been shut down as a gesture of spite toward the previous administration.

Everything about this column is correct.

Whom can Trump blame? Molly Jong-Fast at The Bulwark.

Of course Trump deserves his own blame. — Michelle Goldberg at New York Times

The Pure Evil of the Republican Caucus. Splain it, Lawyers Guns & Money.

Looks like Senate Dem leadership, including Schumer, has signed on to Elizabeth Warren's stripped down student loan proposal: a MINIMUM of $10,000 lopped off the top of everyone's student loans, with the feds making all payments for the duration.

Meanwhile, Trump's student loan waiver ... isn't. (NYT)

Katie Porter, at home with her kids, has some thoughts on what Nancy Pelosi should be doing differently about stabilizing American families. They're not jerk thoughts, they're productive thoughts! (Atlantic)

Pay Your Housecleaner Anyway. Look at the New York Times, being right about a thing!

Learn some coronavirus SCIENCE! Fascinating, from the Atlantic

Curtis Mayfield -

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