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What the fuck. University of Alabama tells faculty not to let students know if they've come in contact with anyone infected in the 500-goddamn-person outbreak. (Daily Beast)

Thank you Mitch McConnell for standing firm on liability protection for businesses if they infect their students we mean customers.

RNC Beat! We read other people who watch the convention so we don't have to so you don't have to!

RNC reveals Trump is a miserable failure. (Washington Post)

Trump's convention is a microcosm of a vile presidency. — Brian Beutler at Crooked

Lol, Harold Meyerson says this was the greatest disconnect between a convention and the outside world that he'd ever seen. Until now.

The first convention I attended, the notorious 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, never did get itself turned around. Planned as a renomination celebration for Lyndon Johnson, it then shifted after Johnson dropped out to a nomination celebration for his vice president Hubert Humphrey. Away from the podium on the convention floor, however, antiwar delegates (in the minority) and Humphrey's legions (in the majority) raged at each other, while outside, in the parks and the streets, Chicago's cops were caught on television beating the hell out of protesters and random pedestrians.

At that point, the convention did go off script. Making a seconding speech for McGovern, Connecticut Sen. Abraham Ribicoff (a former member of JFK's Cabinet) said, "If George McGovern were president, we wouldn't have these Gestapo tactics in the streets of Chicago." A handheld camera on the convention floor then captured a furious Chicago Mayor Richard Daley shouting at Ribicoff. There was no mic, but lip-readers could plainly see what he was saying: "Fuck you, you motherfucking Jew, you!"

The American Prospect

How about an Old Handsome Joe statement on Mike Pence somehow blaming Joe Biden for violence in Donald Trump's America? Sure, here you go.

[Two nights ago], Vice President Mike Pence stood before America and with a straight face said, "You won't be safe in Joe Biden's America."

His proof?

The violence you're seeing in Donald Trump's America.

Did Mike Pence forget Donald Trump is president? Is Donald Trump even aware he's president? These are not images from some imagined "Joe Biden's America" in the future. These are images from Donald Trump's America today. The violence we're witnessing is happening under Donald Trump. Not me. It's getting worse, and we know why.

Donald Trump refuses to even acknowledge there is a racial justice problem in America. To solve this problem, first we have to honestly admit the problem. But he won't do it. Instead of looking to calm the waters, he adds fuel to every fire. Violence isn't a problem in his eyes – it's a political strategy. And the more of it, the better for him.
One of his top White House advisors said it flat out earlier today. "The more chaos and anarchy and vandalism and violence reigns, the better it is for the very clear choice on who's best on public safety and law and order." The better it is.

And he does not stop there! — Joe Biden

Oh Joe, you forgot the video, you're welcome.

Kenosha sheriff had some thoughts two years ago. If you get too many ladies pregnant, he will warehouse you in some sort of camp where you can concentrate better.

And here's their police chief this week.

They wouldn't have been conflict-resolved with a firearm if they hadn't been out after curfew!

Meanwhile, according to his father, Jacob Blake is currently handcuffed to his hospital bed, where he lies paralyzed. — Business Insider

Save the schools, save the youth, save the world. — Gizmodo

Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman accused of voter suppression robocall? SURELY NOT OUR JACOB WOHL AND JACK BURKMAN??? (Yahoo)

Here's some more official voter suppression: 50,000 absentee ballot requests invalidated in ONE COUNTY after Trump campaign sued. The election commissioner had prefilled the forms with a voter ID number. Fuck the whole world, this is unconscionable. — AP

Putin ready to send some troops to Belarus to help its dictator better control its people, who rose up after he stole the latest election. Do you think Putin will help us too? — Washington Post

For the "things we already knew but it's always good to have more reports reminding us" file: White supremacists are in every law enforcement agency in the country probably. — Brennan Center

Tell us more, James Comey's best friend:

Throughout the Mueller investigation, many commentators—myself included—had assumed that the probe had both criminal and counterintelligence elements. The assumption made sense and jibed with what we knew about the history of the Russia investigation. The FBI had opened both a criminal and counterintelligence probe of Trump, after all, and the original Crossfire Hurricane investigation had been a counterintelligence investigation. Given that Mueller's probe had subsumed the FBI's existing investigation, it made sense that there were counterintelligence elements of his investigation.

But the assumption turned out to be wrong.

Sigh, okay, yeah, I had assumed that too. ANYWAY, Adam Schiff news on it, delivered in the most stentorian tones by Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare!

And in yet more counterintelligence news! Donald Trump flipped the fuck out at Mike Flynn right in front of the British neighbors for not putting a phone call from Putin right through to him. How fucking embarrassing. (Independent)

David Corn got some hot Trump mic action (gross). This from his Trump University fraud suit depositions. (Mother Jones)

Trump Hotel handbook. Okeydokey.

The Trump hotel's ethics rules are not the only area where its owner isn't exactly leading by example. The handbook forbids "immoral or indecent behavior that has the potential to publicly embarrass the Hotel" and bans "profane, discourteous, abusive, or rude language or action."

Mother Jones

Today I learned that parents do this. Parents. A Message To TikTok Parents Who Use My Face To Make Their Kids Cry. (Refinery 29)

Smoke, heat, and COVID-19. Californians are caught between health crises. — Grist

Hey look, turns out there were highly qualified non-white-non-bro-non-men available to be Bon Appetit's editor in chief! (Conde Nast)

I had all these things, so Fennel Beet One Pan Roasted Chicken, minus the butter and with olive oil, and minus the chili powder and with some Penzey's "Forward" thrown on top. We will see! Update! It was really good! But 450 is ridiculous, all your sauce burns up. Ohhh that's why, because it said 400.

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