This Might Be The Scariest Problem Putting Your Home At Risk—Address It Now! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 18, 2022

This Might Be The Scariest Problem Putting Your Home At Risk—Address It Now! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 18, 2022

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Oh man, I cannot get enough of this San Francisco school board recall story, not because Fox says blah blah blah "woke," but because that was some crazy shit! In this episode, Clara Jeffery tells us oh my god, they were so bad at their jobs.(Mother Jones)

The exhaustive investigation into everybody texting at Mark Meadows before 1/6 "MAKE HIM FUCKIN STOP." Anybody who was watching TV that day saw that even Fox News was horrified by the violence in the Capitol. At least until Laura Ingraham decided to go another way with it. — Free link (I think) from Washington Post

How does Heather Cox Richardson connect the Freedom Rock Truckers, the John Durham SPYGHAZI filing, and Ryan Zinke? Same way she always does, Brain. By TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD. (Substack)

Freedom Truck Rockers, or COP-TRYNA-KILLERS? Hmmm. — Vice (Also that one leader lunatic, Chris Barber, arrested, via CBC.)

Hey preppers, you wanna buy a bunker? No, because no gross weirdos who would spend a million dollars on a place that looks like an "American Horror Story" set read Wonkette? Okay. (Realtor)

Here's an old New York Post that intimates that somehow the head of Black Lives Matter is grifting all the donations because she and her wife bought (quite a few!) houses before many many many paragraphs go by and the Post finally mentions her bestselling book and her producer gig with Warner Brothers that probably pays her some money, as well as "hasn't taken a salary from BLM in years." Also her wife, another Black Lives Matter founder, is an art professor who probably also has an income. What do you suppose the New York Post's goal was with that?

God, Orange County (California) DA Todd Spitzer is the worst, "Black men and white women" edition. (OC Register)

Columbia says without the child tax credit, 3.7 million more children were in poverty in January than last December. So you know "Joe Biden increased child poverty by millions" is going to be the takeaway, goddamn you Joe Manchin. — Poverty Center

Oh god bless you, Del Norte County, California, social workers. God bless you and love you and keep you. (LA Times)

Cory Doctorow has been waiting for Facebook to die for 15 years now. "The Last Days of Myspace" at

Why the wooden spoon keeps your pasta from boiling over: SCIENCE. (Mental Floss)

From the comments, this is very disappointingly un-1500s and un-Bloody Mary-like when you think you're gonna get a 1500s Bloody Mary's Surrey estate. GODDAMMIT, I NEED BETTER CASTLES, COMMENTERS. — Mansion Global

Gazpacho by Alton Brown. (Food Network)

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