Kind-Hearted Celebs Who Married Terrible People For Some Reason. Tabs, Fri., Feb. 4, 2022

Kind-Hearted Celebs Who Married Terrible People For Some Reason. Tabs, Fri., Feb. 4, 2022

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Trump and his beautiful glorious perfect January 6 Capitol Riots. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

I think Marcotte wrote that before Trump spit-screamed this at whoever his poor assistant is these days, because he whines and blames Nancy Pelosi instead of just saying it was good and perfect. (Not that it matters, he could do both in the same breath, and frequently does.)

Also not that it matters, but if you landed here because you were googling for the answer, no, Nancy Pelosi does not command the National Guard.

Restaurant workers are the most likely to take that jerb and sherve it? It's the subminimum wage, stupid. (The American Prospect)

A young white Republican woman takes a law school course on Critical Race Theory in Mississippi, and fuckin loves it.Mississippi Today

How the Koch Brothers manufactured the whole anti-CRT outrage with a whole lot of astroturfing and a whole lot of money. (Last August in The Nation)

Man there sure are a lot of Catholic priests who are rabid anti-vaxx conspiracy theory lunatics, which surprises me because my parish was liberal and good and nice and guitar mass (don't get me wrong, we still had a molester), but probably does not surprise Shy because his parish was all Rick Santorum Steve Bannon terrifying people, anyway, this one priest died of refusing to shoot himself full of abortion vaccine. — Daily Beast

Sure looks like the Bible used to say "don't be a pedophile" but they changed it to homosexual in the 1940s instead. (United Methodist Insight)

It's starting to seem like maybe the Illinois Dems weren't trying to fuck Rep. Marie Newman for "being too progressive" and "ousting Dan Lipinski (who sucked)" but rather maybe because she's had some known ethics ... questionablenesses since last July, and I'm sorry that your Wonkette was, as is exceedingly rarely the case, uninformed. (Daily Beast)

The "New Industrialist" roundup of why and what we should build, no, stop, it's interesting, come back! — Noahpinion

From the comments! The formula for an episode of "Murder She Wrote."

I’m so glad you invited me to Place Where You Live.

It’s so lovely to see you Jessica! How is your book tour going?


Very well, thank you. I am a literary titan known to over 75% of humanity and my work is to everyone’s taste.


That’s great. I just hope you don’t get wrapped up in the FLASHPOINT OF LOCAL TENSIONS going on while you’re here.


(Raises quizzical eyebrow)

— CONTINUED at Pentadact

Sometimes I am so sad to be leaving Montana:

Annie, we absolutely must remain open-hearted, and pray our time runs out before our will does, and that we have people queued up behind us to carry our efforts forward. There is a long list of folks I was queued up behind without even knowing it and here I am. At the same time, even if I did retreat from the world, from knowing all the shittiness of it, where would I go? If I’m in a cabin in the woods I’m still surrounded by relatives and all the ensuing drama, they just aren’t human. I can’t turn off being open-hearted about that either.

— Anne Helen Petersen interviews Chris LaTray at Culture Study

And the top 10 albums about Los Angeles that were missing from the top 110 albums about Los Angeles are up and you know what? Those are solid fuckin picks, presuming the three or four I've never heard of because I stopped listening to new music are also solid fuckin picks. (The LAnd Mag)

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