The Most Misunderstood Song Lyrics Of All Time! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 5, 2021

The Most Misunderstood Song Lyrics Of All Time! Tabs, Fri., Feb. 5, 2021
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Biden admin singing to the progressive wing clear and strong, all strumming our pain with their fingers, singing our lives with their words. (Politico)

A good nerdsplainer about no, don't do that to the checks, Joe Biden, look into our eyes and listen baby. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Should Joe Biden send everybody masks, like the Post Office planned to do till Donald Trump scrapped it? Yes! He should! (NBC News)

Ahahahahaha I have never heard of this stupid man Rusty Reno or his stupid magazine First Things, but come and enjoy the fisking, courtesy of a very old post from a very angry person at Never-Trumper conservative site The Bulwark.

Same writer, same pub, probably the same week (last May-ish), a good explication of WHAT THE FUCK WITH THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO REOPEN BUT NOT WEAR MASKS, anyway come and see the batshit people and the way they see themselves in the world. The Bulwark again

Oh FUCK YOU. Epstein's victims fund pauses payments, is "out of cash." Fuck YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU (not you). — NBC News

I too am also an "assistant physician" who graduated from a Caribbean med school and never passed the ... doctor bar? and gave patients fake stem cells for a fake coronavirus cure and am also a Missouri Republican rep. Obviously. — CNN

Trump's pollster Tony Fabrizio autopsies the campaign, finds nobody liked the president or trusted him. (Politico / Report)

I know Liz wrote about this weeks (days? time is starting to come unstuck!) ago, but I've only just finished it and it's a MASTERPIECE! That Axios story about Powell, Giuliani, and the White House boys fighting in the War Room. — Axios

Occam's Razor would suggest these good ol' Michigan boys paid each other $200,000 in GOP money to drop out of various races, and then gaslit the SHIT out of the GOP chairwoman who found it out. But I guess their laughable denials, that she's a bitter old woman making shit up for vengeance, might be true too. Lie down with dogs, and such as. (Freep)

How many more people do the 50 Democratic senators represent than the 50 Republican senators do? The 50 Democratic senators represent 41,549,808 more people than the Republican senators do. Thanks Vox!

Shit's wack yo. A very long but fascinating splainer of what Q has actually ... prophesied? No, that's not right ... "Lied." Anyway, it's through the frame of "Is Q Good for the Jews?" and yes of course the answer is no. (Joshua Muravchik at Mosaic mag)

Don't know which commenter posted this (Joe Beese maybe?) but what a rollicking goodtimes fun yay story about, of all things, the Beastie Boys making Paul's Boutique. (New York mag)

I find your Spanish gin and tonic intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter! Oh right I do.

Other good garnish options include lime wheels, rosemary, lavender, a vanilla bean pod, sliced peaches, berries and even saffron—all ingredients that you're likely to see when drinking in Spain.

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