Partying Hard Really Caught Up With These Rockers. Here's How! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 14, 2022

Partying Hard Really Caught Up With These Rockers. Here's How! Tabs, Fri., Jan. 14, 2022

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Supreme Court a bunch of dicks. (Bloomberg)

Jeff Zients is President Joe Biden's coronavirus czar. He has the legal ability to invoke the Defense Production Act and get tests, PPE, and whatever else we need from industry. If we wouldn't stand for inaction in the Trump administration, we shouldn't stand for it under Biden either. He needs to go. (And the CDC's not so hot either lately.) (The American Prospect)


But maybe we just fucking live with it now and the military-style "we will defeat it" was ridiculous overpromising (I always was leery of a promise like that). Who knows, not me, I don't know anything anymore. (Olivier Knox at Washington Post)

Joe Manchin says he refuses to "weaken" the filibuster, but all of two days ago also said there were things he'd do to amend it — your 51 votes to open debate, your talking filibuster, etc — so great! Do that then! Except implementing the changes he'd deign to permit would require not just 60 votes, but 67.

That statement says he wants "to preserve the ability of members to engage in extended debate while bills are on the floor." BILLS CAN'T GET TO THE SENATE FLOOR YOU SMEGMATIC LUMP.

Reddit's r/politics moderators keep removing stories (not ours; we've been banned from there for almost a decade) about the Oath Keepers being charged with conspiracy to overthrow the government of the United States, because that's a "criminal justice" story and not a "politics" story. Moderator comment:

Articles focusing on the identity, pursuit, arrest/charging, or actions of individuals involved in the riots are off-topic and will be removed, as they are more about the criminal justice element of the story as opposed to the broader political context. Submissions focused on statements from politicians, the incident as a whole, or new legislation related to it are more likely to be topically appropriate for r/Politics and to be approved.

We understand that this is not a simple ‘on/off’ binary line and that users may be confused as to why a specific submission was removed, but we want to make sure that the subreddit maintains its focus on politics and governmental processes and does not shift over to criminal justice stories.

Uh huh. The Little Hitlers have had a grip on r/politics for nine years now. Congratulations.

"She is nuts. Her husband is nuts. They are crazy, stupid and mean." — Former Michigan GOP chair about the current chair and her husband, who are apparently crazy, stupid and mean. — Metro Times

Well now I don't know if Max Schmeling saved two Jewish boys during Kristallnacht or not. (He apparently did send money to Joe Louis's widow though, which is lovely too.) (Las Vegas Review Journal)

White people putting up MLK Day decorations would get more than "dicey" more than real quick. But I am nodding vigorously with the rest of Kelly Conaboy's ideas for "decorate and light your house up in January and February." We leave our lights up until March. — Gawker

Man I love Pittsburgh. (Discover the Burgh)

Liz does the lawsplain on Prince Andrew, piece of shit. — Above the Law

Hey you guys wanna buy a train? — Sterling

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