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Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick and his partner were both Trumpers. After his death a year ago today, the day after Trump sicced his thugs on them, yeah, she's not such a fan anymore. Also she says Lindsey Graham was a dick. This writeup is rough. (MSN) Even worse, this Mike Fanone profile; all his cop colleagues think he's a plant. Because he won't shut up about the Trumpers who tried to kill him. (Time)

Mike Lindell is a journalist, and also John the Baptist, and his religion forbids answering House January 6 Select Committee subpoenas. Liz lawsplains us at ATL, AND IT IS A LOT.

How Trump judges are fucking up the country. A People for the American Way report! (Report)

I agree, let's add four seats to the Supreme Court. — Congressional Progressive Caucus

Well ... huh!

A heartfelt profile of (now former!) Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, who I didn't even know decided not to run again last year after an awful year of police and civilian violence. (Wonkette Will Work Harder at covering local.) Crime is way up in the cities, and I too agree it's due to stress and financial hardship from COVID, but when people are shooting babies, we better figure out something since we're not allowed to take away the guns. (New York mag)

Open source vax from a Texas children's hospital immunology team. And Tito's Vodka helped. — NPR

This is some gross Trumpy bullshit, a la "My net worth is whatever I feel it is at the time." Sure, he lived and voted in New York (in 2020!) but former New York Times columnist Nick "Kristof’s attorneys say that his vision of Oregon as his home more than qualifies him under the state Constitution’s three-year residency requirement for its governors." (Politico)

Men surgeons are worse at their jobs, which is "cutting people open and not having them die," than are women surgeons, and they're even worse at their jobs when their patient's a woman, but HAHA women surgeons don't get promoted. BRB never having surgery again. (USA Today)

This is a pity but probably true for now: Travel writing is too synonymous with exoticism and othering and colonialism and whatnot for it to be anything other than suspect for the moment. Also, judging just by the description of the current Granta issue, it sounds like we may be living through a particularly sour and mordant era, in which things that are joyous are suspect or frivolous and Emma Goldman Herself gets shit on for being a flibbertigibbet. — The Critic

We. Need. Immigrants. (Noahpinion)

Pertinent to our ongoing discussion of Something Nasty In The New Brunswick Woodshed, here from comments is a summary of an X-Files episode about prion disease and cannibals. (Wikipedia)

What the fuck is Wordle. (NDTV)

I made a big motherfuckin pot of red kidney beans because somehow I ran out of white/great northern beans, so I am going to make the shit out of this pasta e fagioli. — Cooking Classy fuckin right I am

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