'90s Sitcom Stars Accused Of Terrible Crimes! Tabs, Fri., July 23, 2021

'90s Sitcom Stars Accused Of Terrible Crimes! Tabs, Fri., July 23, 2021
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Sorry, I am SO BUSY reading ALL THESE LARRY KLAYMAN LAWSUITS, starting with this one (Techdirt, which cites to Larry Klayman v. Us!) and then continuing on to all eight million others, as found at the Palm Beach clerk of court site here! Don't miss the one against Politico, it says they hate him because — and this will be a homey refrain to the Klayman Case Law enthusiasts and completists — they are Jews.

Okay, just one thing. I just learned on the clerk's website that before we won our motion to dismiss in Ten Things We Are Allowed To Say About Larry Klayman As Ruled On In A Court Of Law By This Nice Judge, apparently I was to be deposed with the pertinent question: AM I NOW OR HAVE I EVER BEEN A MEMBER OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY.

"Any and all documents that refer or relate in any way to your membership in and/or affiliation and other ties to the American or any other Communist Party."

No, Larry, I'm not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat :)

Oh man, that was so many hours. I better find some more TABS!

Send out the clowns! — Amanda Marcotte on the 1/6 Commission's Republican fuckery, at Salon

Sorry you're going to have to buy or lease all new voting machines now, tiny Pennsylvania county, because you listened to GOP grifters and ruined your shit :( — NBC Philadelphia

And a Michigan "constitutional sheriff" is freaking out all the tiny county elections boards with investimagations. (Talking Points Memo)

I have been a patient at this breast cancer clinic, when I defeated cancer by NOT HAVING IT! :D No joke, this thread (click through) is so fucking upsetting.

Remember when all the media declared Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had defeated COVID and even death itself? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Eric Boehlert does too. (Press Run)

We can laugh and laugh at how much money Matt Gaetz and Large Marge Taylor Greene are losing on their "fundraising tour." Or we can consider the possibility it could be Hollywood accounting and look at the payouts, like the hundreds of thousands of dollars to Gaetz's PR firm, turning that little Berner-turned-Trumper twerp Harlan Hill into a MILLIONAIH. And I'm sure nothing hinky was done. — Daily Beast

Guess what Uber and Lyft do when their drivers are carjacked or even killed? Did you guess "nothing"? Well huh. Maybe my favorite part? Your car insurance doesn't cover your rideshare gig, so if someone punches you in the face, steals your phone and wallet, throws you out of your own car and then steals it and totals it, the rideshare companies' own insurance charges you a $2500 deductible. That smarts. (The Markup)

I would like to marry this protesting dude, sorry Shy :( — Bored Panda

When pissing people off (why? they're sensitive I guess!) with your delicious pineapple topping isn't enough, it's FRUIT PIZZAS. Scroll down (on their page, not ours) and you won't have to click through the slideshow, at Better Homes & Gardens.

Portland, Oregon, will you come see me tomorrow?

Saturday, July 24, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.: We'll be meeting at Peninsula Park for a family friendly afternoon in the park. We have picnic tables and restrooms. This is a potluck and BYOB (beer & wine only, please) event. For those that can't make it in person, we'll have a live WonkZoom running for drop ins. Free commemorative sportsball cap! This is going to be major epic.


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