You May Be Eating Your Brie Cheese All Wrong! Tabs, Fri., June 11, 2021

You May Be Eating Your Brie Cheese All Wrong! Tabs, Fri., June 11, 2021
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Is this a big deal? It seems like it might be a big deal. "Hunting Leaks, Trump Officials Focused on Democrats in Congress. The Justice Department seized records from Apple for metadata of House Intelligence Committee members, their aides and family members." In more Wonketty words, Trump put wire tapps in Adam Schiff's butt. (New York Times)

You don't often see Michael Harriot serious as a heart attack, and he starts here with some hilarious yuks at Joe Scarborough's expense before he gets down to why white people have nothing to fear about losing democracy. It's what we in the blog biz call a must-read. — The Root

Nobody wants to talk about how Mike Pence saved the Republic on January 6, especially Mike Pence. (HuffPost)

A fascinating post teasing out what charges for 1/6 ringleaders may look like. — Marcy at Emptywheel

They blamed the insurrectionists when they repped Trump in his (second) impeachment trial; now the two-bit personal injury attorneys are defending the actual insurrectionists in court. (NPR)

Judy Woodruff talked to James Blassingame, a Capitol Police officer suing former president Donald Trump, for the torts of "trying to have him murdered," I'd guess. — PBS

Yiiiiikes, this dude who was threatening whistleblower lawyer Mark Zaid extremely graphically, incited by Hannity and Ingraham, got sentenced to 12 months and one day. (NBC News)

Gross, depressing look at all the slavering Republicans flocking down to Palm Beach to grift each other under Trump's flabby wing. The worst part is they're all really happy and having a wonderful time! Bloomberg

Really interesting longread on the citizens of Pueblo, Colorado, who live in a very cool town that does not deserve to be represented by Lauren Boebert. (Politico)

If Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wants to make herself useful on an infrastructure compromise, I (truly!) wish her the best. Let's see if she can use her personal friendships with all the Republicans where nobody else could. I am full of light and kindness. — Politico

Whose Senate seats are up in 2022? Let's get to work! —

Liz says this "Kraken MLB hearing" was totally lit. What is "Kraken MLB hearing"? That's why we've got an open tab! (Law and Crime)


If you live in Oakland, Chicago, DC or NYC and you are food insecure due to the pandemic, get on the horn to the World Central Kitchen, and Chef Jose Andres will hop on a bike and deliver you meals himself! (Not himself.) (WCK Direct)

Everyone wish your future overlord Donna Rose a happy SIXTH birthday. SIX! How is that even legal? I used to be able to lay her down in a shopping cart!

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