Wild West Photos For Brave Eyes Only! Tabs, Fri., March 5, 2021

Wild West Photos For Brave Eyes Only! Tabs, Fri., March 5, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Look who's here to break her first Senate tie, it's Kamala Harris, to begin COVID relief debate! (Guardian)

How much would Bezos, Gates, Musk, and Zuckerberg pay under Warren's wealth tax? Oh, some! — Business Insider

Consequences UNFAIR, screams noted insurrectionist asshole. (Yahoo)

David Dayen would like to remind President Joe that even if legislation with a Manchin AND a Sinema is a grind, there's still executive action for more than just "overturning Trump executive actions." — The American Prospect

Look at Queen Greta Thunberg eating ... looks like bread, cheese and TWO bruised bananas! (AFP factcheck)

Who let the moms out? Not this Idaho state rep! — HuffPost

WATER in SPACE? But how could that BE! (Independent)

SPACE HURRICANE! We are le fucked. — NBC News

Here is the new album by a friend of Evan's!

Experts sounding alarm on birth rate among youngs. Just tell them they don't want to have a tiny generation like Gen X, everybody forgets us and also we kinda suck. (CBS News)

Cancel culture and Dr. Suess: a case study in rightwing grievance! — HuffPost

The Root has some words for Bari Weiss. They are very mean words!

Glenn Greenwald says 'I consider Tucker Carlson to be a socialist,' so there's your normal Daily Caller link for today.Hot Thai navy dudes saving cats. (Reuters)

Zillow "ghost maps" seem to show homes destroyed by "slum clearance," you know, when we bisected every nice Black neighborhood with a shiny new freeway. — Buzzfeed News

Yes I will look at this lady's maximalist Greenville house! Thank you for your service, and also your wallpapers! (Apartment Therapy)

A grand jury for Donald Trump in Georgia? We'll end there. — CNN

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