13 Wacky Superstitions From All Around The Tri-State Area! Tabs, Fri., May 13, 2022

13 Wacky Superstitions From All Around The Tri-State Area! Tabs, Fri., May 13, 2022
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Happy Friday The Thirteenth — hope you don't get murdered by a man in a hockey mask! I, for one, am relatively safe, both because the unlucky day for Italians is actually Friday the 17th and also because, as backup, my current manicure protects me from the maloik. Which means that you can be secretly jealous of them all day long and I will not be cursed.

However, if you or someone you love have been afflicted, which is a real thing, here are some helpful tips for getting rid of it. Also, here is an extremely interesting book on the subject, in case you ever wanted to know how the act of mooning someone was originally a way of protecting oneself from the evil eye. In bocca al lupo! (Hardcore Italians)

Spain is about to become the first Western country to give workers three days a month for menstrual leave, which is pretty freaking amazing. That is in addition to the minimum 22 paid days off that full-time workers get a year. Fun fact, the United States is one of only six countries that does not guarantee any paid time off, the other five being the small island nations of Kirbati, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, and Palau. Probably because we love freedom so much. (Telegraph)

Are Marvel and DC comics part of the Antichrist's agenda? Sure, why not! (Charisma News)

Oh hey, they're going to do another Spinal Tap! (Daily Beast)

Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar's wife and Michelle Duggar wrote letters to the judge sentencing him extolling his character and asking for a light sentence. Anna Duggar called him "considerate, respectful, quick to forgive, patient, and genuinely the kindest person I know" (unless you are a child or a porn star he is sexually attracted to), while Michelle wrote "Joshua has a tender heart and he is compassionate toward others." (who are not the toddlers featured in the pornography found on his computer). Anna reportedly maintains that Josh is innocent and has been set up in a conspiracy by the Biden Administration, which was probably worried that he was selling too many used cars. (Daily Mail)

Looking for a new job? The Trump Media & Technology Group is hiring a Content Development Manager for a new "free speech" streaming service called TMTG+, because apparently Fox, Newsmax and the other ones were not horrible enough for him. Honestly someone should apply and then write a tell-all. (Mediaite)

Science news! Apparently your eyes can continue to see for up to five hours after you die, which is both good for some life-preserving reasons and terrifying for "thinking about it" reasons. (Boing Boing)

More science news! Astronomers have captured an image of a black hole at the center of our galaxy that is as big as four million suns. Whether or not it will come and wash away the rain is still to be determined. (Washington Post)

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has thoughts about how American babies are more deserving of baby formula than the children of undocumented immigrants, on account of how he is a psychopath. So pro-life! (Common Dreams)

A woman in England has married her cat in order to ensure the cat can stay in her apartment. (Wales Online)

Another woman in Nepal has climbed Mount Everest for the 10th time. (BBC)

And here is Alex Jones screaming at people to buy his B-12 so that they can win the war we have declared against them.

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