This Helps Shrink Enlarged Prostate: Do It Daily! Tabs, Fri., May 6, 2022

This Helps Shrink Enlarged Prostate: Do It Daily! Tabs, Fri., May 6, 2022

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CDC says hospitalizations and deaths about to rise again after that Trump judge banned mask mandates on public transportation, so enjoy! (And please be careful out there!) (ABC 6)

The Louisiana bill classifying abortion as homicide "from the moment of fertilization." Don't douche after sexing, ladies, that's probably an abortifacient now. (Also don't douche.) (Bill)

They will absolutely prosecute you for your miscarriages; they BEEN prosecuting you for your miscarriages. This woman had to bury her "fetal remains" four years ago, it was disgusting bullshit. (Texas Observer)

Read every word of Lauren Hough on how they want us to think it has to be coat hangers. They slaver to punish girls with fear and pain and all the blood.

What she wanted to do was drive the end of a coat hanger she’d sharpened into her belly button and presumably into her uterus. She’d already tried and woke her roommate up with her grunting.

The base hospital had told her she was pregnant. But because of the Hyde Amendment, they couldn’t even mention the word “abortion.” Her church back in Alabama had taught her abortion was a sin, that she’d burn in hell. Her school hadn’t taught her where to find her uterus. But she remembered coat hangers were involved, from one of the church’s halloween fright the ever-loving shit out of teenagers haunted houses.

It took most of the night to convince her a medical abortion was a better option than shoving a coat hanger into her abdomen, that she’d still be able to have kids later on, that it was legal and we could help her navigate it, that no one would ever know, that it was normal and safe.

Lauren Hough substack

Your friend CripDyke has thoughts on CAN IT. (Free Thought Blogs)

Richard Branson of all people had very good thoughts, as did Levi corp. Wonder if they'll get banned from Florida. — Popular Info

Get ready to be sickened by every detail of what and how Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is preparing to do about educating the state's children who are immigrants — you know, a former Supreme Court case he figures is ripe for rehearing — because "zygotes are people but immigrant children" are not. (Amanda Marcotte at Salon)

As always, Roy Edroso Breaks It Down.

LOL oh my god, you think your math textbook is commie, Florida? Benjamin Franklin put an abortion recipe in his.(Slate)

Here's Jen Psaki yestertoday introducing once again Karine Jean-Pierre, who will be her replacement as White House press secretary. Gah, she is so smart and terrific.

Should we teargas the media? This Republican candidate for Florida's Seventh Congressional District Cory Mills says yes! — Daily Beast

More than half of inflation is being caused by fatter corporate profits. How should we saute the CEOs? I vote bacon grease. (Economic Policy Institute)

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LEETLE YACHT. Wait, that's not how that goes. — Department of Justice

Madison Cawthorn sure did want to pay his chief aide more than was allowed, so SHHHHH he did it in SECRET. (Daily Beast)

I ... what? First Black Secret Service agent to join a presidential detail was pardoned by President Joe Biden for a ginned-up bribery conviction that the accusers admitted was fake, had warned about a plot against Kennedy. Is that all???? — Who What Why


I am off after today to drive sloooooowly in the Wonkebago from Montana to our new home (knock wood) in Detroit. See you Fridays only for the next two weeks!

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