Pics Show There Are Two Types Of Girls In The World. Tabs, Fri., Oct. 2, 2020

Pics Show There Are Two Types Of Girls In The World. Tabs, Fri., Oct. 2, 2020
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So yes, there was some news yestertonight. Let us begin.

Commenting rules remain in somewhat effect, I guess. *Looks over there.* Commenters, just don't be garbage, okay?

Cornell researchers: Who's the biggest driver of coronavirus information? Oh just Trump. —

And apparently the biggest driver of, you know.

North Dakota is running out of beds. (Grand Forks Herald)

Monica Lewinsky writes about mental health during coronavirus, and drops the fact that after she and I apparently both went to the same Meshell N'Degeocello concert, she was beset by a group of robbers with a gun. Can you imagine if something had happened to her? Sorry to be crass, but can you imagine? Anyway! Mental health! It's important! (Vanity Fair)

Monica, this is not directed at you, it is just always necessary:

And then there was other news!

Blinking blond man dot gif:

"Rather than juvenile insults, they want the witty one-liners that defined Trump's performances in the 2016 GOP primary debates." "If I were president you'd be in jail," I guess they mean. Sure. "Witty." (Politico)

Wow, what a piece of shit:

"What should we name him?" Donald asked, according to Ivana's memoir, Raising Trump. When Ivana suggested Donald Jr., the real-estate heir responded, "What if he is a loser?"

— Adam Serwer on Trump not understanding that Biden could love his son in The Atlantic

Somebody's going to emergency, somebody's going to jail. But it can't be Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman, they said it wasn't them! (AP)

Texas gov shuts down all the places you can drop off your ballot, limiting them to one per county. (Harris County has 4.7 million people.) Why? Because they don't want people to vote. Poll watchers will also be allowed to observe you presenting your ID. Why? They want to intimidate you. (Talking Points Memo)

Rep. Tom Malinowski of New Jersey is getting death threats for ... having worked at Human Rights Watch. Because QAnon, and his opponent, Tom Kean. (

Why are there so many accused domestic abusers in Trumpworld? You know damn well why. — Molly Jong-Fast at Daily Beast

Deep breath: Docs show Homeland Security authorized Border Patrol to use deadly force against mourners at George Floyd's funeral. (ACLU)

Biden and the filibuster. — Jon Chait at New York mag

Oh hey, remember YESTERDAY, when we noted that Chuck Schumer had FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY commandeered the floor to introduce a "protect Obamacare bill," and MAYBE HE COULD DO THAT WITH A CORONAVIRUS BILL TOO? Anyway, five endangered Republicans voted for it — McSally, Ernst, Collins, Gardner, and apparently there is an Alaskan called "Dan Sullivan" — but it didn't get 60, so, you know. (Politico)

There apparently is another fellow called "Al Gross," who is running against him, just FYI! — ActBlue donation page

Pertinent! Zombie fires burning underground in the Arctic reigniting as weather warms. (KXAN)

Wouldn't it be fun if every Wonkette comments section was littered with Lauri's zucchini spam, Assholster telling us all to kill our children, and that Turgid Love Muscle guy never shutting up about queers and asscockery — and we weren't allowed to delete them because "freedom of speech"? Here's a good look at the bill introduced by three GOP senators to "amend" Section 230, because Twitter hurt Trump's feelings, which would do just that. (Techdirt)

You guys, I love these stupid cheap-ass crazy-person lifehacks. I want to try all ONE MILLION. — Bonvoyaged


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