These Photos Will Definitely Make You Question If Time Travelers Really Do Exist! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 23, 2020

These Photos Will Definitely Make You Question If Time Travelers Really Do Exist! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 23, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador. See the archive at

How'd Trump's extra special threat guest Tony Bobulinksi at the debate go? I don't know, it's still yestertoday!

Look at Vice President Mike Pence sneering at Lesley Stahl exactly the same way he sneered at Kamala Harris, because he hates women:

"There is this kind of anticipation that people in power are held accountable and that they answer questions from the public — not from me, from the public. And I feel that you didn't do that, and I'm upset," Stahl told Pence.

"Lesley, I appreciate the speech you just gave, but I've answered all your questions and I've spoken about things that the American people care about. The American people want a president who will put the health of America first and open up America's economy," the vice president replied.


Was there ever even a "Hunter Biden's laptop"? People in Ukraine were approached to buy what seemed like awfully similar emails last year. — Time

Ghislaine Maxwell deposition unsealed, heavily redacted, and apparently she knew NOTHING! NOTHING! Also she clearly and obviously lies the whole time.NPR

Speaking of! Inside the campaign to "Pizzagate" Hunter Biden. — Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins at NBC News

What we do if they contest the election results, a blueprint from Zack Malitz, Brandon Evans, and Becky Bond. (Doc)

Don't worry guys, "Officials say Russia's ability to change vote tallies nationwide is limited." — New York Times

Seriously what's wrong with Mitch McConnell's hands? Go look at them at Buzzfeed so I don't have to buy the pictures from AP.

Trailer park landlords dicks? That can't be right. (News9)

27 Simpsons predictions that came true. Unless I missed it under the one million popup ads, it didn't include President Trump? — YNet

This is a very strong antidorsement, by The Atlantic.

Of all the Never Trumpers, I like Stuart Stevens the not-least.

Having spent decades attacking the Democratic party, I don't approach your party with any illusions about it being perfect. But I am convinced that the Democratic party has remained far truer to aspirational American values than the compromised, moral disgrace that is the party which endorsed Roy Moore and welcomes the dangerous lunacy of QAnon. [...]

If I ran the Democratic party, here's what I'd be telling my troops:

We are going to crush Donald Trump and the sickness he represents. There are more of us than there are of them. We are right. They are wrong. This is our moment. This is our destiny. Walk with confidence. Do not falter. Victory will be ours.

— "A Message to Democrats From Your New Ally." The Bulwark

Ew. But apparently this is all they've got? Is friends with someone who has a Black friend?

[Challenger Madison Cawthorn's] website, takes aim at [Rep. Moe] Davis over his purported association with a local journalist, Tom Fiedler. It says that Fiedler "quit his academia job in Boston to work for non-white males, like Cory Booker who aims to ruin white males."

Bulwark again

Jezebel's journey into the dark night Madison Cawthorn's soul :/ (Jezebel)

Joe Biden should go all in on geothermal in place of fracking. — Ryan Cooper at The Week

More on Phil Collins's travails with his erstwhile lady wife, I dunno, she seems to have somewhat more of a claim to squat in his manse than she did in the original story. Somewhat. (Daily Mirror)

How to arrange a cheese board. Would throwing some grapes or pears on there kill you, Food and Wine?

Top 100 Halloween recipes? Okay, I will ... biiiiite. (

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