15 Places Where You Can Retire With $150K! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 29, 2021

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House 1/6 Committee losing patience with Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows, gee you fuckin' think? (CNN)

Robert Kuttner says the BBB is the world's biggest half-full, half-empty glass (The American Prospect). David Dayen says meh, mostly empty. (While I'm pretty alone on the Left in thinking that lifting the SALT cap — tax deductions for what you already paid in taxes to the state — is actually a straightforward matter of fairness, since the Trump tax cuts did it to fuck blue states that have higher taxes and services, because the Republicans forgot their extremely principled stance against double taxation, I certainly don't think it should take the place of other, more universally needed programs, CHUCK SCHUMER, but apparently it was a BBB "priority." So yeah, that's meh, but otherwise I think Dayen is being a David Downer.) (TAP) And chiming in with "both!" (Eric Levitz at New York mag)

"To be open-minded about Nazis is not in fact a neutral legal position. — Dahlia Lithwick and Nicole Lewis on the trials of Kyle Rittenhouse, the men who killed Ahmaud Arbery, and the Charlottesville Nazis, at Slate

Long dispatch from Jonathan Katz at Charlottesville. (The Racket)

Ted Cruz has put holds on dozens of Biden's national security and diplomatic nominations (and then of course rails that Biden isn't keeping us safe). Why is this allowed in the Senate exactly? — Texas Tribune

How shitty Trumpy American bishops are gunning for both Joe Biden and Pope Francis. (New York Times)

Roy Edroso has had enough of Rod Dreher thinking little trans and gay kids are Satan. (Edroso substack)

Here's the commercial Dreher was kvetching about. It made me cry, because I love the devil of course.


Signs the economic recovery is booming, actually. — Business Insider

Which is surely why Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has only disbursed six percent of the state's American Relief Plan funding, and not because "making lives better for Montanans with Joe Biden as president might lead some people to wonder whether they like rental assistance, help for nurses, job training, and Joe Biden." (NBC Montana)

There's a new searchable index of 100 million academic articles, and Cory Doctorow wants you to know why that is IMPORTANT. — Pluralistic

LOL Zillow has "paused" its "we will buy your house without even looking at it" program after selling a whole bunch at a loss, but don't worry they make it up in volume. (Business Insider)

Zillow's six steps for organizing our pantry include WASHING our PANTRY? RIDICULOUS, DO NOT CLICK. — Zillow

A really interesting read of Rebecca Traister girfriending with Katie Couric (the girlfriending is a tiny annoying at first, you get over it) about Couric's new book (Wonkette cut link), and how she has exposed her good her bad and her ugly. It sounds juicy and important and deep and shallow and fascinating. (New York mag)

Anne Helen Petersen on fashion and style and boldness and fatness and white normativity and the patriarchy and all of it, and I just see Future Jessie Donna Rose and how creative she is in how she adorns her body and how I've never once told her she couldn't draw on all her clothes or cut her own hair, which she's been doing since she was three, and also how fat I am and how terrible I look in everything since I've had her and how non-bold I've become in the way I dress my body, the one or two times a week when I do. ANYWAY, the pictures in it will make you happy, they're gorgeous. — substack

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