These Liars Were Caught In The Act Online! Tabs, Mon., April 12, 2021

These Liars Were Caught In The Act Online! Tabs, Mon., April 12, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

What if you had a white supremacist rally and nobody came. — NBC News

I knew somebody would explain Northern Ireland to me. Thanks Vox.

If Eric Boehlert can't say something nice about Maggie Haberman's Trump-access journalism, he should come sit by us. (Press Run)

Cancel all the things! It will keep the Right busy being mad at nothing and nobody in particular. — Pareene at The New Republic

But I actually don't actually believe that; they're feeding off the energy from it for shit like this:

Tucker Carlson says trans people are an existential threat, so. — HuffPost

Old but very relevant primer on how conservatives lie about health care for trans kids, and what the facts are. (AngryWhiteMen)

Blah blah blah, Republicans think Joe Biden stole the election, wank wank wank. (CNN)

Guess who likes Joe Biden's Make America Jobs Again plan, oh look it is everyone. — American Independent

They're disappearing January 6 like they disappeared the history of white supremacist violence against Black people. — Justin Hendrix at Ctrl Alt Right Delete.

Justine Bateman is 55. She looks fine. And if you're looking at her arms, she looks fantastic. No, she doesn't need any "work." (Vanity Fair)

"The reigning Mrs. World was arrested after forcibly removing the crown from the winner of the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. The newly crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka, Pushpika De Silva, filed a complaint with authorities over injuries and trauma caused by the melee that took place during Sunday's competition." That's gonna be a hard click from me dawg. (Whoops, sorry, link fixed!) (NBC News)

Would you like to come to a party at my new lake mansion? (Zillow)


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