Controversial Things Everyone Just Ignores About Ina Garten. Tabs, Mon., April 13, 2020

Controversial Things Everyone Just Ignores About Ina Garten. Tabs, Mon., April 13, 2020
Tabs by your friend Martini Ambassador, I should probably have told you before now

They're trying to use coronavirus to kill the post office like they've always wanted. We're not going to let them. (Washington Post)

Have an insane ruling, issued this week, by the guy who's been a judge for six months and has already been nominated to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. It cray? It cray.

Yes, this Gretchen Whitmer profile has some SERIOUSLY? sexism. Get past it if you can, because it's a really interesting look at how she's governed Michigan, and how she thinks and relates to people. — Politico

The New York Times thinks Trump could have seen COVID-19 coming, seeing as how people kept warning him about it and all. Weird.

The New York Times found some different emails. These ones are actually relevant.

AND the New York Times is reporting out Florida too, for its Spring Break shenanigans? My, what a nasty failing New York Times.

This is my favorite.

More on Jared Kushner using FEMA to help his brothers out. — NBC

And more more on Kushner's FEMA habit, this from ProPublica.

Hedge funds bought up all the ER staffing companies, cut doctors pay, and want a bailout. (ProPublica)

Let's go with the classic:

Eugene Scalia, of the Shithead Fascist Scalias, is using his perch as secretary of Labor to make sure nobody gets paid leave and rail against unemployment benefits. Mark my words: If Trump wants to "reopen" the economy, Scalia turning off the tap will be how he does it. (Washington Post)

Texas gov gonna help a brother out, rescind all his coronavirus restrictions, for give me liberty and give me death. (Yahoo)

I don't have to read this because the answer is OH MY GOD YES. Before? When you were just not making enough money? Yeah, go not make enough money with a bunch of roommates, that is how you do it when you are young. Now? COME HOMMMMMMMMEEEE. AND BRING MY GODDAMN GRANDDAUGHTER WITH YOU!!! Amid the coronavirus, should young adults move back in with mom and dad? Many are saying yes (LA Times)

Breathe in the clean air in all these pictures. — Guardian

Was the land YOU went to college on stolen from Native Americans? Probably, yeah :/ (High Country News)

Here is a fun story! Donald Trump, confidential informant? — Greg Olear, "Tinker Tailor Mobster Trump"

These Wonkers make pure soy candles and smelly things!

This Wonker makes selling you life insurance!

I don't listen to podcasts, but I might make an exception to hear Rev. William Barber of the Poor People's Campaign on Joe Biden's.

Or how about Cool Pope proposing universal basic income?

Okay cool. Bye!

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