Celebs Who Robbed The Cradle. Tabs, Mon., April 6, 2020

Celebs Who Robbed The Cradle. Tabs, Mon., April 6, 2020

This is the big story of Sunday and I have not read it because I have a headache and watched TV all afternoon (it is Sunday). Anyway! How Trump Fucked Up Everything By The Fake News Washington Post.

Washington state group WASHLITE suing Fox News under the state's consumer protection act for "falsely and deceptively disseminating 'News' via cable news contracts that the coronavirus was a 'hoax,' and that it was otherwise not a danger to public health and safety." I ain't crying. (Times of San Diego)

WaPo explains the vast undercounting of COVID-19, crowned with this:

But in Wyoming — the only state that had not reported a covid-19 death as of Saturday — Laramie County Coroner Rebecca Reid said she is ready to test anyone with symptoms who dies at home.

"We need an accurate cause of death to give the family some closure and make sure they have been safe," she said. "It's also very important that the public knows the truth."

She has supplies to test five people, she said.


I feel like the headline here is enough for me.

African-Americans contracting COVAD-19 and dying from it far above their share of the population. — ProPublica

If you had "Financial Times" for "Virus Lays Bare Frailty of Social Contract," about like there should be "radical reforms" like UBI etc., award yourself a fine glass of port.

Meanwhile, at this five-star resort in the Maldives. (New York Times)

"Worst. President. Ever." Max Boot at the Washington Post is a tab that I have open.

Laurie Penny: We thought there would be more macho shooting in the apocalypse, but it's all caring for others. Lovely, insightful, and true. (Wired)

Trump empowered the conspiracy theorists. Now they're a major threat to public safety. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Want some beef and broccoli? Emeril got you covered!

That's it! That's the tabs! We love you!

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