50 Toddler Lunch Ideas Even The Pickiest Will Love! Tabs, Mon., Aug. 30, 2021


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God bless you Louisiana, and good luck. (CNN)

Old man resigns in the middle of psychology class after some fuckhead of a young lady refused to put her goddamn mask on her stupid fuckhead. — Red and Black

Oh no, the horse dewormer broke Ryan Cooper :( (The Week)

Texas poison control has received hundreds of calls from people who forgot not to poison themselves with horse dewormer :( — Texas Public Radio

Mississippi governor explains why Republicans don't give a fuck if they die or kill you: They're going to heaven anyway, so what's the big fuckin' deal? Because "pro-life." (Daily Memphian)

"Fox News gives you COVID" — science. — Research Collection

The Greg Abbott Death Panels. (Daily Edge substack)

Real rage and violence in these fake-ass campaigns:

Over time, it becomes obvious that the same groups of people have been showing up to stage these scenes, as can be witnessed with that group of people in Los Angeles at Cedars-Sinai — the same group that attacked cancer patient Kate Burns — shouting invective against masks, vaccines, quarantines, "antifa," and pedophiles, while waving "Recall Newsom" flags

Brooke Binkowski at Truth or Fiction

Menopausal women, COME GIT YR ESTROGEN. (LA Times)

Growing income inequality in Montana. — Kathleen McLaughlin in The Guardian

Ignore that in the very first paragraph she calls Detroit "Michigan's capital," maybe some dumb editor stuck that in there, it happens to the best of us. Things To Know Before You Move To Detroit. (PODS blog)

Pretty interesting summary of dude who visited some Amazon robot grocery stores. Should they worry? PROBABLY. Is it the future anyway? MAYBE. — Full Stack Econ

What happens when you type a URL into your browser? Blog post that teaches you shit, at ... Amazon Web Services blog? Okay thanks!

Wonkette is also for sale for one billion dollars. (Nieman Lab)

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