Historic Figures Who Lived Long Enough To Be Photographed! Tabs, Mon., Aug. 9, 2021

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Historic Figures Who Lived Long Enough To Be Photographed! Tabs, Mon., Aug. 9, 2021

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Former (acting) AG Jeffrey Rosen may be Trump's John Dean. This is where I put the heart hug emojis. (Crooks & Liars)

Old Handsome Joe Biden freezes federal student loan payments through next January. I will spend that money! — Politico

OHJB says sweet things to the Olympians, doesn't even call them stupid losers, damn he's so good at this. (CNN)

A disability rights attorney for HHS general counsel? I'm not sure that's even legal! — Bloomberg Law

Los Angeles has received in the neighborhood of $500 million from the feds for rental assistance. It's paid out about $35 million to renters and landlords who need it. FIX IT. (LAist)


I was wondering what my governor, Greg Gianforte, meant when he kept telling Joe Biden "blargle flooble active forest management," but figured it was industry code for "log all the trees." Oh guess what, it was. And ask Oregon, where all their logged and thinned lands are on fire, that won't help. "We Can't Log Our Way Out Of Global Warming," Daily Montanan.

Why is Andrew Cuomo still here? — Rebecca Traister at New York mag

An intellectually honest lefty post mortem of the Shontel Brown/Nina Turner race that isn't howling about dark money (Turner raised more) but points out Turner had burned a couple tiny li'l bridges and shows how Jewish leaders helped Brown run a "knock every door three times" campaign. — David Klion talks to Daniel Marans at Jewish Current

This is a long and excellent look at who gets to create Black culture about the Black poor: It's usually not the Black poor. (Current Affairs)

Don't use DoorDash. (Grubhub, etc.) You're hurting workers and murdering restaurants. Cory Doctorow explains. — Pluralistic

This video is so pretty it hurts my feelings.

A new book excerpt details the absolutely disgusting probe Brett Kavanaugh put Vince Foster's family through for years after he admitted that of course Vince Foster killed himself. Upside down smile emoji. (Washington Monthly)

[music notes] Alt-right boys fought the trans- and queer-friendly antifa alpaca farm and the [/music notes] farm won. (Mel Magazine)

The vegan death metal Irish baron rewilding his castle? Oh that old chestnut! — The Guardian

Well, this house is extremely insane! (Zillow)

Let's buy that insane house and then eat at all the restaurants in Detroit. — Eater

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