This Is How To Make Long Hair Over 50 Look Chic! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 7, 2020

This Is How To Make Long Hair Over 50 Look Chic! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 7, 2020
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Oh no Rudy's got the ronas. — CNN

The hospitals are overwhelmed. Free post at The Atlantic

Another superspreader wedding, yet again with employees at longterm care facilities doing the honors. (We drive through this part of bumfuck Washington state a lot, it's bat we mean Trump country.) — ABC News

This dude's Voices From the Pandemic — he's freaking out in a longterm care facility that's burning down around him — is a killer. (Washington Post)

Ron Johnson has asked Dr. Jane Orient to testify about coronavirus vaxxness, so spoiler, or old tab, this is who that lunatic is. — Old Wonkette tab Jesus Christ.

Joe Biden's already more popular than Trump's ever been. (CNN)

Joe's Groundhog Day, featuring a new president, an economic catastrophe, and Mitch McConnell being a flaming syph dick. — Helaine Olen at Washington Post

Macroeconomists: GIVE PEOPLE MONEY! — Noah Smith at Noahpinion

Joe and the progs still making love not war, yay! NO INFIGHTING. (Yahoo)

JOTUS has tapped California AG Xavier Becerra as his Health and Human Services secretary. I would have liked to see New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham there instead; she ran New Mexico's health department. But according to some Politico article I read, Joe's people "soured on her" after she declined Interior (which we'd all like to see Rep. Deb Haaland in) and asked if she could take HHS instead, due to it being her experience and expertise. I hope that's not true, because that would be some petulant high-and-mighty bullshit on their parts (not hers). Becerra's cool. (Becerra bio)

Secret Service paying Trump in Scotland to protect Trump's son at Trump's Scottish golf course. — Scotsman

Newspaper columnist does his job. — Defector

A week in Q Land. Please don't go to the new Q social media platform, Fiona says you will get lovebombed and brainwashed. (Yes That Fiona)

Conservative radicalizers are well-coiffed, well-paid, and dangerous. — Frank Figliuzzi at NBC

The violent story of American whiteness. (In These Times)

How Oklahoma became the country's hottest weed market. Ask my mom! — Politico

Wanna move to Hawaii? They'll buy the airfare. (CNN)

Our friends at Penzeys think Christmas should last a whole bunch of days. We're in! (Facebook)

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