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FAUCIIIIII! Dr. Fauci says we may have a vax for children as young as first grade by September oh god please please. It has been absolutely killing me that we're all supposed to get vaccinated and back to normal and then just ... bring it home to the babies??? (ArsTechnica)

Yes, the UK variant is likely more lethal: Medpage Today

Joe Biden's superpower:

Almost unique among our nation's leaders, Biden has demonstrated that he has the ability to resist the potent force field emanating from Donald Trump that has held Americans in its thrall these past four years. Unlike most of the rest of us, Biden seems to be able to tune his predecessor out, to give him precisely the amount of attention a washed-up game show host deserves. Biden is even able to turn his predecessor's mutant ego-driven tractor-beam against him. You can almost hear the howls of pain from Mar-a-Lago as Biden simply goes about his daily business, doing his work and ignoring Trump altogether.

David Rothkopf at Daily Beast

Okay, so we're MOSTLY ignoring them, but of course Melon is a complete nightmare and turned down all the magazine interviews and then blamed her staff for not getting her any magazine interviews, among many assholeries. And this part isn't even like "must be nice," it sounds AWFUL, like a goose waiting to become foie gras:

"She goes to the spa, has lunch, goes to the spa (again) and has dinner with Donald on the patio," said one person familiar with Melania Trump's schedule at Mar-a-Lago, her home in Palm Beach, Florida. "Rinse and repeat. Every day."


CHRIST this is so fucking sad. The kids trying to deprogram their QAnon parents. (HuffPost)

So uhhhhh here's what's up at the Lincoln Project then. — 19th News

Helaine Olen has SOME WORDS for the finance expert Dave Ramsey who said there shouldn't be a COVID relief check because if $1400 would make a difference in your life, you're too far gone already. (Washington Post)

What time is it? It's time to fire US Postmaster General Louis DeJoy! — Pareene at The New Republic

An auditor found $200 million missing moneys. They fired her. Gavin Newsom, clean up California's CPUC. (ProPublica)

George Washington Carver! DIDN'T: invent peanut butter. DID:

develop farming methods that increased crop yields, safeguarded ecological health, and revitalized soil ravaged by the overproduction of cotton, the linchpin of the South's economy. No less importantly, Carver devoted much of his life to teaching formerly enslaved people how to use those techniques to achieve a measure of independence.

Read more, it's Grist!

What's awesome about Bhutan this time? Grist again!

Songs about SCIENCE! (Scientific American) A google map of all the radio stations, and you can CLICK THEM AND LISTEN! (Radio Garden)

Chocolate-covered pineapple and mangos and kiwis!

Half a bag of Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate chips, half a bag of semi-sweet, with a handful reserved for the end. Cut your pineapple into spears and blot dry with paper towels. (Your mangos if they're really ripe, and your kiwis too.) Stick a shish kabob skewer in each. Melt your chips in heat-safe glass bowl stuck on top of a pot with an inch or two of water boiling gently. Stir constantly! When melted take it off the heat and add the reserved chips, stirring until they're melted in. I added a splash of vanilla extract and orange extract at the end and stirred it in, but you couldn't really taste them, I don't think.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Once you've dipped your mangos and kiwis, you want to pour your chocolate into something narrow and tall. The one champagne glass you have that hasn't broken yet? Perfect! Just look at this mess, I'm sure it will be horrible and NOBODY WILL LIKE IT! :

Be more careful maybe, if you care about "being more careful," OR DON'T!

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