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No idea what happened in Portland, obviously — people were shot and killed while protesting (maybe! it seems like!) a lethal police shooting of a Black man — but I think we need to stop protesting at people's houses, and I've thought that for a while now. Even if they are terrible and the worst. Because they can either 1) shoot and kill us, and probably get off, or 2) come to our houses and threaten our kids and us, and before you know it the whole country is macheteing the neighbors. (KATU)

Democrat for Congress in Oklahoma Abby Broyles insists she did not call a host of junior high school girls "acne fuckers" and then puke in their shoes. She wasn't even in town! Where was she? *Hangs up.* (Non Doc)

Apparently there is some bad polling about for Democrats and culture war issues, and apparently too Democrats are quite bad at the "partisan" and "political" parts of partisan politics, and apparently again MAYBE THEY SHOULD TRY PUKING IN SOME PEOPLE'S SHOES ONCE IN A WHILE. — Brian Beutler in the Big Tent

Why are people rejecting Bidenomics when we really fucking need Bidenomics? It's not just Manchin, though of course he's the most wonderful part. A crisp look at the state of our welfare state, and climate change, and the rest of it, from Noah Smith. (NoahPinion)

This on the anguish of the child figure skaters is funny, but it's also not. — Jeff Maurer substack

Let's all learn about possible Supreme Court nominee J. Michelle Childs! (19th News)

Oklahoma jail leaders looooove COVID, looooove it so much. (Non Doc)

Roy Edroso gets quite serious on conservative victimology. They're exhausting. — Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

The GOP's season of self-hate. (Politico)

What's up with Mark Cuban's pharmacy? — Med Page Today

Take your Vitamin D. (QJM)

Egg whites in cocktails seems like a real pain in the ass, I will continue to pay others to do it for me instead of trying it at home. — Liquor

Martini would like you to buy a French castle. I choose "chateau and guest lodge with river frontage in the Viennes." Which do you choose? (My French House)

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