The Most Unique Sandwiches You Need To Try At Least Once! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 10, 2022

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Just before the new year, Susan Glasser said forget the predictions, and that things can always get worse. But if I channel my inner Peggy Noonan on how things FEEL rather than how they ARE, well, they just FEEL better this week than when Glasser wrote 10 days ago. Why? Don't ask me, it's FEELINGS MAN. — Joe Biden's Year of Hoping Dangerously, New Yorker

Trump mainstreamed extremism and terrorism haha great. (Politico)

Tucker Carlson said that not a lot really happened on January 6 (Joe.My.God) so a reminder that he said knocking on his door was terrorism and then terrorized a freelance writer who was doing an anodyne "Tucker is buying a house in Maine" story, just saying. (WGME)

Seems like New York Mayor Eric Adams hiring his multilevel marketing dummy brother to oversee the NYPD might be an issue. (The Uprising)


Ruth Shalit almost got away with it, and then she ... reminded everybody of it by suing The Atlantic for a million dollars for retracting her bad story and putting an editor's note on it explaining the story was bad and it should feel bad. — Politico

Oklahoma bill to let sheriffs arrest the feds, because "stupid constitutional sheriff thing probably with the gold fringe flags" here. (KFOR)

Hoarder homes for sale, hoarder homes for sale! — Realtor

I love this. All Sharon's discarded men. (Algonquin on the Bayou)

Eartha Kitt : "My Discarded Men"

Michael Parks, my professor at USC Annenberg and a winner of the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting and the editor of the LA Times during one of its most mortifying ethics scandals, has died. He was a gentleman. (Annenberg bio / Wik / scandal at WaPo) Why, did somebody else die?

Nobody can read for shit anymore. — Kate Harding at Dame

Oh no a bunch of Canada assholieux got stranded in Mex after they were a bunch of assholieux :( (CTV News)

Unique sandwiches fuk yeh. — Tasting Table


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