Are You On Medicare? If You Live In [Town/City/Unincorporated Area] READ THIS! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 20, 2020

Are You On Medicare? If You Live In [Town/City/Unincorporated Area] READ THIS! Tabs, Mon., Jan. 20, 2020


The New York Times is doing a whole Bachelor thing with its endorsement. I mean, you can read it, I'm not, don't care WHO WILL GET THE ROSE. Look at this shit!

Not clicking on this either, but everything Sully Sullenberger is great except that terrible movie -- which of course was directed by Clint Eastwood -- about him. Like Joe Biden, I Once Stuttered, Too. I Dare You to Mock Me. HE DARES YA. -- NYT

Lev's texts with Fucking Devin Nunes's aide Derek Harvey. Whasssssapppp.

Rod Rosenstein okayed releasing the Strzok/Page texts for some reasons that are some bullshit.

We still haven't written about California's freelancer law, but Daily Kos has been on a tear.

St. Louis's top prosecutor, Kimberly Gardner, is suing ERRREBODY for some FUCKIN' RACISM.

If you want the snobby Republican view on Trump's legal team, Kellyanne's Husband is your man. (WaPo)

Let's blame Piers Morgan for Megxit? That sort of presupposes we think Megxit is a problem, but sure Molly Jong-Fast, we'll agree.

How the Census (and an undercount of 15 percent of people living on tribal lands) affects Native Americans. (Guardian)

Even some Murdochs are mortified by the Murdochs' climate denialism. -- some Murdochs, in WaPo

There was slavery in San Bernardino in the 1850s. It was Native Americans (knew that) and African Americans (didn't know that) run by Mormons (reallllly didn't know that). (LA Times)

Poll porn! Trump may be less popular than we even knew! (538)

My what genetically superior young men!

Renewable energy: Too cheap to meter! (Not really, but getting there!)

Look behind the glass, it's a real blade of grass! Or the last grove of these prehistoric trees on earth. No ELP.

PERIODS! They're what's for dinner!

David Brooks did a bad column, surprise! Eric Levitz at NYMag is here to help:

To say that a worker earns what she "produces" — as measured by how much revenue she generates for her employer — is not to say that she earns what her labor is worth in some objective sense. [...]

One of the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. economy is the position of home health aide. Such workers perform labor that is physically and mentally arduous, and profoundly socially necessary. If these individuals did not spend their days helping America's elderly and disabled bathe, eat, brush their teeth, change their clothes, and take their medicines, it would be impossible for large swathes of our society to enjoy a minimally decent existence. And yet, the median annual income of an American home health aide was $24,200 in 2018.

[Michael] Strain [whom Brooks had cited] suggests that this fact is only morally troubling if the home health aide's productivity is much higher than $24,2000; and he defines productivity as "the amount of revenue workers generate for their employers." Helping a Medicaid beneficiary use the toilet does not generate significant revenue for anyone. Therefore, by Strain's reasoning, those who perform such labor do not deserve much income. By contrast, providing lots of rent-burdened home-health-care aides (among other working people) with usurious payday loans can generate significant income. Thus, executives at financial institutions that provide such loans earn hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars each year.

I am morally troubled by that!

Tom Steyer is wrong about term limits. Jamelle Bouie is right. (NYT)


Sex scenes evolve for the Me Too era (New York Times)

Oh, they can't fill the luxury skyscrapers. Huh! (Atlantic)

Oh, they are looking at your "social score" now so try not to be a sociopath out loud.

BAD SOCIAL SCORE. Doctor's pro-vaccine TikTok went viral. Then came hate and threats from around the world. (USA Today)

Bone broth and stock are they the same thing? Mostly yeah.

This woman has a career-advice/recipe hub, and one of her recipes is candied yams from a Louisiana voting rights activist? COME ON.

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