The Best Way To Wipe Out Up To $10,000 Of Debt! Tabs, Mon., July 19, 2021

The Best Way To Wipe Out Up To $10,000 Of Debt! Tabs, Mon., July 19, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Deep breath. Delta is tearing Missouri apart. (The Atlantic)

COVID is surging because the Right gobbles up lies, on purpose, so they can have a thing to lie about themselves. — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Speaking of rightwing disinformation and Facebook, Cory Doctorow's excellent, informative post on how they just neutered Crowdtangle so nobody will be able to see that Facebook is a hub of rightwing disinformation. (

AZ "voter fraud" claims full of shit, and such small portions! — AP


A 132-night "world cruise" sold out in under three hours, despite pandemic worries that have hobbled the cruise industry and steep prices that start at $73,499 per guest — and range up to $199,999 per person for a master suite.


How to message Joe Biden's American Jobs and Families plan, starting with: Stop calling it the reconciliation bill, WONKETTE. (Dan Pfeiffer substack)

An Arizona woman lost her job and was put on the child neglect registry for smoking legal pot legally during pregnancy, to deal with a condition that wouldn't let her keep food down, despite the fact that they tried to outlaw pregnant women smoking pot and were specifically shot down. So this is fuuuuucked uuuup. — Daily Beast

Oh dear, someone did BESMIRCH STATEMENTS on Lauren Boebert, and she is going to threaten them, poorly! How was it not us? (Talking Points Memo)

See you in hell, William Regnery II! — HuffPost

Well! This is a very bad doctor, Dr. Death (not the good Dr. Death), so very bad he has a new limited series coming out about him! VERY BAD INDEED. (D Magazine)

This is a good story: Snook, the Burning Man artist guy whose new (to him) little northwest Nevada town just burned the fuck down. — LA Times

If you follow the wonderful Kitchenista on Instagram or Twitter, you probably already know about #DariusCrooks, but here's Forbes with a griftsplainer! (Forbes)

And while we've got her, you can download the Kitchenista's appetizer handbook (it's gorgeous!) for free.

Anybody wanna go in on a Detroit mansion? Thank you in advance. (Zillow)

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

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