15 Real-Life Ghost Stories Likely Inspired By 15 Real-Life Beers. Tabs, Mon., July 26, 2021
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House Rep. Adam Kinzinger will join fellow Republican Liz Cheney on the 1/6 committee. I'll have more to say about this later. (CNN)

Texas man busted for his involvement in the Capitol siege after bragging about it on a dating app. Insurrections don't get you laid like they did in the pre-woke days. (Washington Post)

How a hiker survived for 17 days lost in the Oregon wilderness with the help of a plastic magnifying glass and an underwear hat. (The Oregonian)

The next time my wife suggests we go on a hike, I'll say, “Hell, no" and instead take a brisk walk through Alberta Park in Portland, Oregon, where I can clearly see all the exits.

Some folks have waited to get vaccinated against COVID-19 because they are natural procrastinators not anti vax jerks. Let's give a shout out to the procrastinators who are finally getting their act together. (New York Times)

Let's hope no one delayed getting vaccinated because they were busy organizing their kitchen cabinets. (Salon)

Fox News could be sued for killing its viewers, this time from COVID-19. (Slate)

You could say that the American Rescue Plan was a bold shot into the nation's economic arm. I mean, you could say that. (The Nation)

Amazon has agreed to investigate accusations of racial and sexual discrimination in its cloud services division. It almost makes you want to cancel your Prime membership. (Seattle Times)

The pandemic has demonstrated that we might not need the whole cash bail racket. (Mother Jones)

Climate change has made wildfires occur more often and more intense. And they're spreading. (CNN)

Restaurants have fully reopened to a stampede of obnoxious assholes.

At Vanessa's Bistro in Berkeley, owner Vi Nguyen recently encountered a customer who stood in her kitchen doorway to yell at her after a server made a simple mistake.

"Not talk, yell," Nguyen emphasized, sounding increasingly exasperated as she told the story. "This was the beginning of the reopening, and we had a line of takeout orders. Her husband stood at the doorway and was like, 'She's hungry! She needs her food right now!'"

These people should have their stay-at-home orders extended. (San Francisco Gate)

Gymnast Simone Biles deserves better scores for regularly defying gravity. She's like a superhero out there. (Vox)

New study links alcohol to 740,000 cancer cases last year. It could drive you to drink. (NPR)

On a related topic, my favorite new summer beverage is the Paloma.

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