29 Rom-Com Couples Whose Chemistry Leapt Off The Screen! Tabs, Mon., July 27, 2020

29 Rom-Com Couples Whose Chemistry Leapt Off The Screen! Tabs, Mon., July 27, 2020

Oh? Oh.

The beefed up federal presence comes at the same time federal officials are internally acknowledging they have contributed to the quick escalation between law enforcement and groups of protesters, which had dwindled to a couple hundred people or less earlier this month.

"Anytime you shoot someone in the face and beat them with a baton, it's going to be criticized," said one federal law enforcement official. "That's not a controversial statement."


An Alabama doctor's 78-patient weekend of COVID hell. (Daily Beast)

COVICANE? You don't want no part of this shit! — Daily Beast

This one I'll take though.

Lawyers Guns and Money quotes Eric Levitz being VERY MEAN to Sen. Ron Johnson's op-ed about how coronavirus is basically a bad allergy, with facts. (LGM)

Walmart bans tools in nazi masks. Good, thanks Walmart. (Good, thanks Walmart? Sigh, 2020.) — Deadstate

Rebecca Traister on Ted Yoho and AOC is perfect, of course. — New York mag

Is Glenn Greenwald running the DOJ? Source for the Steele Dossier outed by Lindsey Graham after Barr declassifies the intel. (New York Times)

No need to click through if you don't have WaPo, just know the RNC thought about putting their conventiongoers on a cruise ship. They're not supergeniuses, just the regular kind! — Washington Post

Speaking of Ron DeSantis fucking up coronavirus and stories that are far too long: (WaPo)

Oh help us we make only $22 million a year, we are so middle class! (The New Republic)

"Mars Jars" and the Nazi scientist who invented them :/ (NYT)

David Bowie – Life On Mars? (Official Video)www.youtube.com

Speaking of Nazis, Tom Cotton's got a new bill out that would forbid schools from teaching the 1619 Project. And to defend it, he explains that slavery was a "necessary evil." — Guardian

Tom Cotton says that is a lie, because he is a liar. "As the Founding Fathers said" =/= "that's the founders' view, not mine." (Arkansas Democrat Gazette)

Joe Biden's disabilities plan. (Joe)

Oh yesssss, go look at the 2015 Detroit Flower House please. (This Is Colossal)

This Sunday's sangria was: A double bottle of rose, a glug of triple sec, a short swirl of lavender syrup, not quite enough agave syrup (can use honey melted in hot water or superfine sugar instead), and sliced lemon, lime, strawberry, raspberries and mango. The basil was pretty but a mistake, use mint instead and let's try basil with Lillet and cucumber next week.

Sunday sangria: rose

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