16 Frugal Living Tips From The Great Depression! Tabs, Mon., March 14, 2022

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A third of US child COVID deaths have occurred in the past two months. I'm not in love with the CDC under Joe Biden anymore than I was in love with it under Trump. Seems like a whole lot of closing our eyes and wishing. o.O (Guardian)

Why is Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei siding with Russia and the CCP?

The trap waits for even the wary: start as a dissenter, develop into a crank, end up a dupe. One day you're Christopher Hitchens castigating the folly of the Vietnam War, the next, you're Christopher Hitchens praising the muscular daring of the Iraq invasion.


"Russian troll farm appears to be source of anti-Ukraine propaganda"? Whaaaaaat???? — Good ProPublica with specifics at TalkingPointsMemo

Just what I've been asking for: HOW does the World Central Kitchen get tons of food to war-torn or natural-disaster-hit places? (WCK)

Here's a pretty terrific story about the cult of St. Brigid, who was Pagan AF. (Free link New York Times)

The Brigid Alliance, meanwhile, will help you with travel support to get your abortion; it's named for her based on a legend that she unpregnanted a nun. — Brigid Alliance

Which the Supreme Court is going to allow states to make illegal, like such as:

The Missouri amendment lays out a broad array of areas where the restrictions apply, including many kinds of “aid” outside of any actual medical procedure, including “providing transportation,” money or insurance coverage for an abortion; “giving instructions” to help a person with a medication abortion; or even “hosting or maintaining a website” that helps someone obtain an abortion.

Chris Geidner at GRID

Volts podcast on the Supreme Court and how it sure looks like it's about to outlaw the EPA and also pretty much the whole executive branch (that's what "the administrative state" is). As usual for "podcast," let me know how it is. (Volts)

Arizona judge says taxing the rich unconstitutional. I am sensing a theme today! — ABC 15

How cities are using ARP money to be awesome, unless they are cities in Montana, where the governor isn't letting anyone have any money because you don't want things to get better under a Dem president. (That part isn't in the story.) (Governing)

What's up, solar futures study? How is our future of solar? — Energy.gov

Artichoke lemon pesto because Trader Joe's doesn't sell it in jars to put on your raviolis anymore. — The View From Great Island

Lemony scallopy pasta with zucchini noodles, I sort of (did) combine these two recipes, with the healthiness of the zucchini from one and the butter plus milk from the butter plus milk of the other. #cookingwithrebecca #dowhatyouwant (A Couple Cooks / Walder Wellness)

16 Frugal Living Tips From the Great Depression? Is one of them "cook everything from your freezer and pantry for as long as you can," because that's what we're doing and it's going pretty awesome. (HomeGrown Hillary)

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