The Only Cheap Mixed Drinks You Should Be Ordering At A Bar! Tabs, Mon., March 15, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Of course Trump doesn't deserve credit for the vaccine rollout, he's a stupid lazy piece of shit and they did jack shit. Talking Points Memo has receipts so long they could be from CVS.

Here, let Eric Boehlert yell at the New York Times about it, as he is wont to do! (PressRun)

The year we learned most of us are assholes. — Erin Gloria Ryan at Daily Beast

Are antidepressants protective against COVID? (Inverse)

Deborah Birx has a new job shilling bleach or some shit, who knows, didn't read. — Guardian

Pretty much, yeah! Biden and the Left. (Noahpinion)


Democrats make a down payment on a radically more just economy. — Joan Walsh at The Nation

Dominic's Smoke Eater from Friday goes deep on recent moves to make the military inclusive for women, including the redesigning of body armor and the now permitted hairstyles for women soldiers of color, i.e. what Tucker was being a vicious little turd about. (Smoke Eater)

Oh look who's mad as heck, hint it is fuck you.

You're gonna need an hour for Rebecca Traister's deep dive on the toxic abuse that permeates the Cuomo administration in New York. (New York mag)

If you haven't already, Marina Hyde getting screamed down the street by just ... a man ... is so harrowing and beautifully written. — Guardian

Police: But how can we do our jobs if there are consequences for our actions? (Techdirt)

Maybe Army should kick out the known Nazis before they try to overthrow the government? — CNN

Apparently Trump is "adrift." He should try knitting. (Politico)

Virtual St. Patrick's Day fest! — Thrillist

I feel like I could make this blueberry pie crust, Penzeys, even though I am just as happy making blueberry pie on a storebought graham cracker crust and then just mixing them with goat and cream cheeses and (and basil) (and sour cream) (oh and the BEST thing I made up and nobody ever made up before me is to beat some of your blueberries INTO the heavy cream with some but not that much sugar for purple whipped cream that is the greatest, I am a brilliant genius of love). Anyway, Penzeys!

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