Try 20 Incontinence Pads For Only $2.49! Tabs, Mon., March 29, 2021

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Try 20 Incontinence Pads For Only $2.49! Tabs, Mon., March 29, 2021
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Besides all the headline items, the Georgia vote fuckery signed by Brian Kemp last week, oh, just makes it easier for the lege to overturn election results anytime they want, which will be every time. (Mother Jones)

Scary gun shit in Atlanta. — CNN

Eric Alterman would like to pretend he is Eric Boehlert and yell at the New York Times. I'll allow it. — The American Prospect


"Hospital" (not a hospital) bill fuckery, part one million. (KHN)

David Lazarus has some other medical bill fuckery for you, this time for mental health coverage, but I do not agree with his prescription! "Make copays rise with cost of service so people will get competition"? No David Lazarus, no no no, I must have misunderstood you, because there's ONE BRAIN DOCTOR in Oklahoma for my mom to go to, and there's ONE OF EVERY DOCTOR where I live, and even in cities, there's so many natural monopolies and no. (LA Times)

Mental health coverage? QAnoners far more likely to have serious mental health diagnoses, I am sorry for them :/ — Crooks & Liars

Some Q friends trying to deprogram themselves. GOOD LUCK Q FRIENDS! (Buzzfeed)

Oh nooooo not that.

(LOL and 70 percent of Texans are like FUK YEH.)

INTERESTING. Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is ending prosecution of drug and prostitution crimes. (Washington Post)

Long-ass read from David and Nancy French (Never Trumper who ran for president, I recall? His wife, Bristol Palin's ghostwriter?) who have been on a mission for quite a while now to scrub sexual abuse out of the Christian Right. Best wishes to them, I mean it. This one is a sort of investigation into molestation and rape at the world's biggest Christian camp. (Their blog thing.)

Please read Brian Grubbs, who I always forget is one of my favorite writers until I run across him because I forget to check Uproxx, on both how to make an action movie out of Blocky McBlockedFace, and also the only obit worth a damn for Jessica Walter. (Uproxx)

Gather round and hear the "happy" tale (of woe) of the stray dog and his purple unicorn. — People

Business Insider says it's actually a horrible time to buy a house!

Treehouses: Punk as fuck. ($250 a night seems quite whoa though!) — SFGate

Well I didn't expect a "slavery in the rum industry" history from, but I will take it!

Department of Salad got a public post! PINEAPPLE SALAD!@@@!!! (Department of Salad)


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