Where Did Jessica Simpson's Edible Beauty Product Line Go? Tabs, Mon., March 8, 2021

Where Did Jessica Simpson's Edible Beauty Product Line Go? Tabs, Mon., March 8, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

I mean, it is good that Joe Manchin voted for the Big Bill! But I think his sticking point — angry that the first $10,000 of unemployment benefits would be tax free, so as not to bite the people in the direst current straits — is very strange, particularly for a man whose main complaint before then was that the aid wasn't "targeted" closely enough to only those who really needed it. Inside the back and forth the days before the vote. (CNN)

Economist nerd stuff about the Big Bill! We just got near-universal welfare in through the back door, supposedly progressive bitchers. — Noahpinion

Hi Rosa DeLauro hiiiii!

Big Bill, very big deal. (HuffPost)

We the Living People-of-the-state-of-Iowa (and not the PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF IOWA, the corporate entity which we hold forfeit in perpetuity), as living souls in our Sovereign Capacity as people of preamble to the 1787 Constitution for the United States of America, do hereby declare that we're tired of trying to mimic this SovCit arglebargle, but we're right and you're wrong anyway, SHEEPLE. (THUMBPRINT) (Bill!)

Fox News's cancel culture desperation. — Parker Molloy at Media Matters

Masks that turn into flowers when you bury them. I'm still waiting for the Italian prototype of "bury your body and become a tree" to come to market, I love it so much. (TekDeeps)

This City Council candidate accusing another one of stolen race valor, because how can you be both Black AND Latina like pick one, is very oh no. (Brooklyn Paper)

The Choctaw Nation, among others, is still denying tribal membership to its descendants who are also descendants of Freedmen, and they'd thank the federal government to stay out of their business. It's very, you know, states rights. :/ (High Country News)

This is why I don't watch pop documentaries; they can leave anything out, and you don't know what you don't know. Netflix's Hotel Cecil murder doc is a crime story in search of a crime. — New York mag

For instance! If you've never read it, learn how the Tiger King wasn't actually an antihero victim, he was instead a loathsome piece of shit! Longread! — Texas Monthly

This looks very cool: a new TCM series that shows crazy-problematic classics and discusses them, which is the same as canceling them probably, nothing makes sense anymore. (AP)

The Colombian immigrant who cleaned houses to pay for her studies and then oh just DIRECTED THE ARM FOR THE ROVER. (My best friend and college roommate Suparna the Rocket Scientist was a project manager on THE CLAW, no I don't know if they're the same thing. OH! Here is my favorite Suparna story! We got dressed up and went to a party at a Simpsons producer's apartment, and a woman said very condescendingly, as we joined the conversation, "oh, we were talking about politics, but we'll stop." And Suparna said to me later, so happily, "We look so beautiful that they think we're dumb!") — CBS News

Get ready for a whole bunch of tabs from my new favorite website, Elle Decor? Elle Decor. Floral arrangements inspired by fabrics! OOOOH AHHHHHH! (Elle Decor)

It's the last free Department of Salad for a while, so if you need salad in your life, do subscribe like me! Anyway, THAI SALADS! OF LOVE! — Department of Salad

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