Only The Most Hardcore Star Trek Fans Can Pass This Quiz! Tabs, Mon., May 11, 2020

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Mama took Friday off so PREPARE FOR TABS!

A Pence aide askked the CEOs he was about to meet with to remove their masks, even though his press secretary, and Stephen Miller's wife, had just tested positive. These people do not care if you die. (The Intercept)

Also, they turned down 7 million masks from an American manufacturer in January. No reason. (Washington Post)

Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders et al. are pushing for $2000 a month for everybody, and it's about fucking time. We need this now. (USA Today)

The $1.2 trillion Dem stimmy plan. What's in it? I don't know! It's Mother's Day! — Axios

When Trump has half the country gaslit that tests don't matter (because there are no tests), let's take a moment to remember what's going on with the fucking tests: that Trump says tests make things "look bad" (because there are no tests). — Dan Froomkin, PressWatch

Out-of-staters flocked to Georgia restaurants as soon as they opened. This is going to be beyond our nightmares. (WaPo)

Don't worry guys, the stock market is doing just fine.ProPublica

Republicans know what to worry about, and it's that they might lose the Senate, wouldn't that be sad for them. (Washington Post)

Mark Cuban hired some secret shoppers to see how Texas businesses did with the reopening. The answer was not awesome.

The rules for California reopening, which we assume will be somewhat better. (LA Times)

Care for a milquetoast tongue-clucking at Bill Barr destroying the DOJ? New York Times has you covered.

Officers at the scene were ready to arrest the two murderers who murdered Ahmaud Arbery, the black jogger in Georgia, and were told to stand down. (AJC) After that prosecutor recused herself, the second prosecutor said the two murderers were within the law for murdering people; he's the guy you may remember from prosecuting the black woman (and city commissioner) who gave people rides to the polls. (Mother Jones)

The Real Lord of the Flies: What happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months. Click, The Guardian, click.

Get three sentences into this story about her mama who couldn't read without crying, I dare you. Sorry, I have no idea what happens after that. (The Guardian)

OLD TAB! An intense and long history of the aimless broke heiress gal Jacob Wohl sweet-talked into accusing Robert Mueller of ... something! (Medium)

This Montana guy's solar greenhouse half-underground farm is pretty cool.

Okay you know how I said tabs were COMING AT YA? Well, they are still here in my browser but then I had to stop for Terms of Endearment for Sunday Family Movie Night Mother's Day Edition, and I might be done with work for the night oh for sure I am good nightmorning.

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