66 Times Elizabeth Olsen Was Hilarious And Wholesome Behind The Scenes! Tabs, Mon., May 16, 2022
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The racist murder spree in Buffalo reflects the hatred Fox News and even elected Republicans pump out daily. (Washington Post)

Let us never forget the human lives lost. (Twitter)

The Texas Supreme Court overturned an injunction that prevented child abuse investigations of parents who helped provide gender-affirming care for their trans kids. These people are monsters. (CNN)

WNBA star Brittney Griner will spend another month in Russian detention. It’s as if she’s actually been convicted of something. (The Week)

People do not feel better off today than they did even a year ago. (The Atlantic)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki held more press briefings than all three of Trump’s professional liars combined. (Poynter)

Psaki’s farewell message is quite moving. (Twitter)

The infant baby formula crisis will, of course, potentially impact Black families the most. (The Root)

Chief Justice Samuel Alito seems to think he has a Constitutional right to privacy. (Curbed)

The big dumb trucker convoy is back! This is apparently fully protected free speech because these assholes are only blocking traffic and “occupying” DC. They aren’t bugging our robed masters in the suburbs. (The Daily Beast)

The Philadelphia Inquirer refuses to endorse any of the ragamuffin Republicans running for Senate. (The Inquirer)

President Joe Biden will fund the police some more with unspent money from the COVID-19 relief package. Fortunately, the pandemic is over. (MSN)

Can the New York Times be saved? Its incoming editor Joe Kahn posed for those weird Shining style photos a while back so I’m not confident. (The Nation)

The so-called “Yellow Brick Road” discovered in the Pacific Ocean obviously doesn’t lead to Atlantis, because we all know Atlanteans have hover cars. (The Miami Herald)

Elizabeth Olsen’s anchovy toast snack is delicious.


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