13 Ways To Beat That Unexpected Lie Detector Test. Tabs, Mon., May 23, 2022

13 Ways To Beat That Unexpected Lie Detector Test. Tabs, Mon., May 23, 2022
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The Department of Homeland Security’s first Disinformation Governance Board was intended to “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security.” It was taken down in less than a month by coordinated rightwing misinformation. (Washington Post)

However, Sam Adler-Bell wonders if liberals are perhaps too obsessed with “disinformation.”

“Disinformation” was the liberal Establishment’s traumatic reaction to the psychic wound of 2016. It provided an answer that evaded the question altogether, protecting them from the agony of self-reflection. It wasn’t that the country was riven by profound antinomies and resentments born of material realities that would need to be navigated by new kinds of politics. No, the problem was that large swaths of the country had been duped, brainwashed by nefarious forces both foreign and domestic. And if only the best minds, the most credentialed experts, could be given new authority to regulate the flow of “fake news,” the scales would fall from the eyes of the people and they would re-embrace the old order they had been tricked into despising. This fantasy turned a political problem into a scientific one. The rise of Trump called not for new politics but new technocrats.

(New York Magazine)

Doesn’t former New York Mayor Bill De Blasio have anything better to do than run for Congress? (Twitter)

You’ve probably already heard about the horrible sexual misconduct charges against Elon Musk, but we’re gonna keep hammering that creep. (The Cut)

Record heat waves are already scorching the East Coast. We could consider doing something about the obvious effects of climate change, but I don’t think Joe Manchin’s financial handlers agree. (Washington Post)

Some backstory on the baby formula crisis. Corporate greed played a big part. (The Guardian)

How former Republican Senate candidate Kathy Barnette from Pennsylvania represents a “grassroots Trumpist uprising against Trump himself.” Let them fight! (The Daily Beast)

Donald Trump’s overt grossness is different from George W. Bush’s banal evil but both are bad. Goofy Bush-like characters are often endearing on TV sitcoms, so I could see how the average person might overlook all the imperialism and domestic neglect. However, Trump is a straight-up mustache-twirling villain. Turns out a majority of white people dig it. (Mother Jones)

This handy guide centers the actual New York constituents who’ve been redistricted rather than the career politicians who are scrambling to hold onto their jobs. (The City)

I’m not saying California should secede, but it could probably maintain a solid solo career like Beyonce post Destiny’s Child. (The Nation)

I’m not yet ready to discuss monkeypox, but if you are, here’s a tab. (The Atlantic)

Wow, GrubHub is a terrible company. I might have to play the middle-class liberal shuffle of patronizing another food delivery business until I learn they’re just as bad and wind up using GrubHub again. I promise I won’t feel good about it. (Vice)

This steakhouse salad recipe looks delicious, but it doesn’t actually disprove Marge Simpson’s motto that “you can’t win friends with salad.” The writers should rewatch the “Lisa the Vegetarian” episode. (Bon Appetit)

Elizabeth Olsen takes a lie detector test.


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