45 Unsettling Photos Of Liminal Spaces That Feel Like Alternate Reality! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 1, 2021

45 Unsettling Photos Of Liminal Spaces That Feel Like Alternate Reality! Tabs, Mon., Nov. 1, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

John Eastman told a Pence aide that the "siege" was Pence's fault for not flipping the election to Trump, as Pence was still in hiding from the mob. (Washington Post)

Texas man stood his driveway. (The Guardian)

Oh look at that, Texas's unemployment insurance program hasn't been solvent since 1974. Good thing the feds are around to loan them the money, and then to grant them the money to pay back the feds. — TPR

I am happy the Richard Neal version of paid leave was omitted from Joe Biden's BBB framework. Remember Obamacare, and how we couldn't get rid of private insurance because it was too enmeshed throughout the entire economy? In this case, we'd be standing up paid leave from the beginning as a private insurance racket. We should take Kirsten Gillibrand's FAMILY Act and pass that separately. (FAMILY Act splainer at Vox) Meanwhile, here's a list of how the different European countries fund it, or how they did 20 years ago, when we were even researching it then. (Connecticut state gov site)

The Buttigieg babies are TRAFFIC CONES! Also, one of them is in the hospital. That baby better be fine, or some terrible people will ... not recognize they did anything wrong at all.

Trigger warning for SO GROSS and also really sad. Salmonella infantis is disgusting, and it is killing people, and the chicken industry is disgusting, SO GROSS. (ProPublica)

Trigger warning for all the triggers. The NRA's Wayne LaPierre seems to be a very odd person. — Excerpt from Misfire by Tim Mak (Wonkette cut link) at Vanity Fair

Trigger warning for more triggers. A detailed rundown of the Rust set the day Halyna Hutchins was shot and killed. I just keep thinking about the production company, "Rust Productions LLC" or whatever the fuck it was, and these single-serving corporations, like all the various Trump companies or whatever the fuck SPACs are. (LA Times) Meanwhile, our new Main Character of the Day, producer Gabrielle Pickle, may not have directly caused Hutchins's death (or ???), but aren't these "fun" union-busting actions, for "fun" if you are a piece of shit. (Hollywood Reporter)

A wonderful short interview with a guy who makes alcohol from coffee fruit. Treat yourself to his story about sandwiches, which while delightful is clearly not the Wonkette way, where sandwiches were the currency with which we bought this joint. — Sourced Journeys

Second Harvest Food Bank's culinary training program makes my heart happy. (Second Harvest)

What to do with your pumpkin guts. — Food 52

Taiwan Normal Person Halloween! — Almost mag

NOT A CARPET! The world's largest mosaic! (Earthly Mission)

How to Swedish Death Clean Your House. — Better Homes and Gardens

I love liminal spaces. (The Rocket Science)

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