Snack Box. Tabs, Mon., Nov. 23, 2020

Snack Box. Tabs, Mon., Nov. 23, 2020
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Hello and good Monday to you! Programming note! I made everyone take the week off because they all still had like more than 10 vacation days remaining and I don't want to have to pay them cash money for that shit! So expect a few "evergreen" posts this week, Liz on Rudy (also evergreen!), and me sitting here desperately trying to remember what is "writing." Now tabs!

Oh no, all the president's lawyers and also Junior and his incorrect face have been exposed to Giuliani's kid's COVID, how terrible. (Axios)

And they fired Sidney Powell? Didn't fire Sidney Powell? Don't even know her, she just got the coffee? Unclear, because I'm too high to read this right now. (But also I did read it and she accused GA Gov. Brian Kemp of taking cash bribes to be "anti-Trump"? LOL that is the greatest of all.) — Daily Beast

This is a good headline. "Rudy The Dripper: The Vicious Cycle of Dead-Ender Propagandists Feeding Bullshit to Tribalist Republicans" — Emptywheel

Rep. Gerry Connolly talking some SHIT about GSA Emily! (Twitter)

Michigan AG Dana Nessel is ready to investigate if any elected officials try to overturn the election. (Washington Post)

John Fetterman is Pennsylvania's "anger translator." — Independent

A thread from our pals, the United Farm Workers!

For Christ's sake. California contracted Bank of America to handle the state's unemployment payments, and it's fucking it all up.

Bank of America, whose contract is up next July, declined to answer detailed questions about how many unemployed Californians are still unable to use their debit cards, how much money has been withdrawn from accounts flagged for potential fraud, when and how claimants may be paid back or how much the bank has made in fees on the cards. The state told CalMatters that some 377,500 debit cards were frozen this fall and as of Thursday, around 350,000 accounts remain impacted, meaning progress has been slow.

Of course they also get to charge transaction fees, the whole thing is just GREAT! — CalMatters

Democratic senators are pushing JOTUS to be "aggressive" with executive action, so that's a really nice change. (NBC)

ICE is in the middle of a big deportation spree of all the dangerous women who might testify against their doctor about their nonconsensual medical procedures. Priorities! (LA Times)

Some whistleblowers turned over some suuuuuper racist emails between the Ole Miss journalism dean and a bunch of bigot donors. The dean is still making $18000 a month plus sick bennies, and the whistleblowers are being investigated. — Mississippi Free Press

Well this lady who got arrested for punching animal control who were trying to lock up her potbellied pig is having a harder year than most of us, since her Boogaloo Boi husband is in jail for livestreaming himself looking for a cop to kill. (Texarkana Gazette)

Looking for some Black-founded nonprofits for your holiday giving? They've got them all. — GiveBlck

Japanese potato salad and some Japanese salad dressing and oh how I love you, Department of Salad!

Young ladies! Do not let your (great) grandmothers down!

A century ago, our grandmothers marched across America so the young women of today can vote. The young women of today have a CONTRACT with those grandmothers to vote. The Alaska Historical Publication Association (AHPA) received several small grants to produce a chapbook titled THE CONTRACT and 200 copies are available for young women who send a self-addressed, stamped ($1.40), 5 ½ by 8 ½ envelope to AHPA, Box 241467, Anchorage, AK 99524. This offer is good until December 15th or the 200 books are gone, whichever is first.

Beautiful scarves masks fabric arts and whatnots! (BrightPractical)

Hanging earring organizers! (Holly at Etsy)

Wonker's boyfriend makes handmade rings, watches and cetera! (TheExcb)

Martini, of course, does jewels within jewels. (FabMartha)

Sigh of contentment, SpacePigPress has your stationerery needs. (SpacePig)

Fairies, felt ornaments, vintage items! (TheeFaerieRing)

Xan's Garden Fund Me. (Xan)

Wreaths, flowers, terrariums, gifts. (Township Four)

Anchorhold's blankets and hilarious squid thingies (okay, jellyfish). (Anchorhold)

This Wonker's offgrid bicycles and maple syrup shop. As one does. (Analog Cycles)

Sorry, already bought up all her Stabby Kitty potholders, but she has others. (Irreverant Housewife)

Drew does fancy ass pens and woodworking. He also takes commissions like if you wanted to buy someone a really nice stash box you could say, "hey, how about like a really nice stash box?" (Full Moon Studios)

All your Christmas Jewish Socialist needs! (Dikleyt)

And as usual, don't forget the Wonkette Bazaar. We have women's white tanks now! Don't believe my horrendous product pix, as always they look fab in person!

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