The Moments That Destroyed Short Marriages! Tabs, Mon., Oct. 26, 2020
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Nods in engulfing anger flames: Trump says doctors and nurses are inflating coronavirus cases for money. (UP North News)


Coronavirus stories: This woman in Minnesota who serves the poor, my god. — Washington Post

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows: 'We Are Not Going to Control the Coronavirus.' Yup. (CNN)

They're trying to oust the head of the FDA now, because he's maintaining some sort of minimum standards for a vaccine. — Politico

"In a worrisome sign for Republicans, Democrats are also turning out more low-frequency and newly registered voters than the GOP." Shame, that. (Politico)

Here, have some handsome.

Here have more handsome.

Seems legit:

October 23

At a rally in Pensacola, Florida, after a long monologue about how "stupid" people are to live there because of the "giant Puerto Rican mosquitoes" and "ugly hookers," Trump tells the crowd he will pay cash bribes for their votes and instructs them to give their names and addresses to event staff so he can "send you a big check." He says those seeking bribes must take a picture of their completed Trump ballot and send it to the campaign office, adding "Rob DeSantis says it's okay, in fact I gave him twenty dollars." After the rally, lines to apply for the bribes last well into the following morning; several campaign workers anonymously tell reporters they had no idea Trump would do this, and that they were not paid overtime. A story headlined "Disgruntled Overtime-Seekers Character-Assassinate Trump" appears in Paul Bedard's Washington Examiner column.

CAPITAL LETTERS IT'S SATIRE YOU GUYS. — Roy Edroso breaks it down

Um. This guy had a huge US dog-saving charity to fight animal cruelty in Asia, but this reporting looks like he may have (he denies it!) actually paid the dog butchers to torture and kill the animals, at least I think that is what it says, I read three grafs and am hiding under the couch now. — LA Times


Oh, guess who gets fired when sexual harassment or rape on a superyacht — surprisingly, not so much perpetrated by the millionaire owners — is reported, go on guess! — Business Insider

This is cool. The awesome shit this woman will bring you from other people's stoops. (Curbed)

Send me all your Meyer lemons pls. — Simple Bites

Seven Palomas for you, but none of them have tequila-soaked pineapple as suggested by former bartendrix Amy Schumer on her enjoyable show "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook," where her James Beard Award-winning chef husband teaches her to cook in quarantine. So now I have some pineapple marrying tequila in my fridge until tomorrow. (Liquor / Food Network)

Blueberry goat cheese basil pie, but with storebought crust and half the goat cheese is cream cheese and I skipped the topping. From Guy Fieri lol. (Food Network)

Rebecca's apple and Japanese pear rosemary lemon crumble:

4 small green apples sliced thin and half a Japanese pear diced, tossed in 1/2 cup brown sugar, lemon zest from one lemon, juice from half a big lemon, a tablespoon of finely chopped rosemary, and a generous dump of this sea salt ginger cinnamon orange mix I got at the store.

Put it in a storebought crust, because fuck making crusts.

Top with 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1/2 cup flour cut with several tablespoons of butter. All my crumbles have been coming out dry and floury lately, so topped with like eight small diced chunks of another couple tablespoons of butter.

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, check it, bake some more.

Holy shit that was so good.

Blueberry goat cheese basil pie 

Rebecca's apple Japanese pear rosemary and lemon crumble

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