Science Has A Theory About People Who Don't Return Their Carts! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 13, 2021


Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

The polling and affirmative political case for Joe Biden to lead a coalition of the vaxxed. (Dan Pfeiffer substack)

Attack of the COVID zombies. — Eric Boehlert at Press Run

I kind of really really love this middle school 9/11 dance tribute. (Gothamist)

What on earth was George W. Bush doing on 9/11? He probably doesn't know himself. — Eric Alterman at TAP

Well, okay, I'll take it.

Rudy Giuliani had some things to say at a 9/11 dinner. Presumably they were extremely drunky things, because this shit's not normal, even the New York Post is looking ASKANCE.

Lauren Boebert probably shouldn't let her eight year old and his friends play unsupervised around all her loaded illegal weapons. (Salon)

Whole lot of murders lately to "stop satanic Jewish witchcraft baby murdering for Trump." This awful, awful one is in Texas. — Newsweek

Is mass psychosis the greatest threat to humanity? Besides "the weather," it sure seems like it! (Academy of Ideas)

The Moonies and 1/6. Well huh. — DC Report

The Poway (outside San Diego) School Board was "disrupted" by anti-maskers. What the NBC San Diego story doesn't say is that the "protesters" then declared themselves the Poway School Board, which is just clearly how it works.

A homegrown hub of Ida relief in New Orleans. (NOLA)

THE MYSTERY OF THE CHARLESTON TRUMPER BALLET. No really, I don't even know what the mystery is going to be yet, MAYBE A MURRRRRDER? and I am already HOOKED. — Vanity Fair

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