The Shocking Truth About Teddy Roosevelt Jr.'s War Record! Tabs, Thurs., April 16, 2020

All tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador

Gavin Newsom is good. Also, he's sending $500 to undocumented immigrants left out of the federal stimulus. (Axios)

Betsy DeVos is bad. She's even worse than you thought, and her stupid group propelled the fringe idiots protesting in Michigan yesterday. — Common Dreams

And they're reallll fringe. More than 8 in 10 Americans are like shut the fuck up with the reopening what is even wrong with you. (Politico)

Speaking of fringe idiots, or zombies, or YIIIKES! You're gonna want to click through at least for the picture of Ohio protesters, my god. (Dispatch)

#Relevant! Authoritarian Christians are deliberately undermining the public health response to coronavirus. Yes, I believe this post was about two weeks early! (The Conversationalist)

Speaking of authoritarian Christians! This Politico reaffirms my long-held notion that yes, despite his Christian authoritarianism, Pence is not as stupid or as insane, and so impeaching Trump and ending up with him as president would have been far preferable to *waves around at the world.* Because he doesn't have any obvious personality disorders and also aggressive abusiveness. My god how the bar has fallen.

Oh, does Democratic voter motivation in Wisconsin have Republicans worried? That's a shame. (Washington Post)

'Not enough political Viagra in the world' to save Trump in Wisconsin. — Eleanor Clift at Daily Beast

Just a terrific E Dubs Joe Biden endorsement vid.

This can't be right. Tim Ryan joined Ro Khanna in doing something useful, and proposing $2000 a month for every adult.

Do you love crying? Wajahat Ali will help you with that. "My toddler survived cancer. Then came the coronavirus." (Don't worry, Nusayba is still fine!) (New York Times)

Those cows gonna eat that cat.

When will your food go bad? Maybe never. — NYT

Well, I think I will watch "Mrs. America"! Look how much Rose Byrne looks like Gloria Steinem, that's nuts! (Slate)

Salon says Cate Blanchett shines as Phyllis Schlafly, so there you have it, anybody shining as Phyllis Schlafly must be the greatest actress the world has ever known.

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