One Thing All Liars Have In Common, Brace Yourself! Tabs, Thurs., April 2, 2020


Kushner knows more about the ventilators than anybody ever knew about ventilators. Plus every other gossip coming out of the West Wing right now. Don't worry, each paragraph is more horrifying than the last! (Vanity Fair)

He should maybe tell the Pentagon where to send the ones they offered. (CNN)

Detroit is in trouble. (LA Times)

Cool cool.

The IRS was going to force seniors and the disabled to file a tax return to get their stimulus checks, with a "simple form" that wasn't even on its website yet. Even GOP senators were pisssssssssed, so the Treasury Department has APPARENTLY backed down. (Washington Post)

Secret Service signs EMERGENCY $45K ORDER for ... golf cart rentals in a town where Trump has a club. (WaPo)

The USDA is forcing food banks to do bureaucratic bullshit. And the food banks are in trouble. (WaPo)


With schools and restaurants closed, farms are feeling the hurt. Luckily Los Angeles, which had cracked down on restaurants selling groceries and produce, BACKED DOOOOOWNNNNN. (NBC / LA Times)


News you can use! Every strike and walkout happening now! Thanks New York Mag!

Look who's calling for doubling the pay of essential workers, it is ... holy shit, Meghan McCain? (The Stranger)

Wanna be depressed? Read Jared Yates Sexton! (Muckrake)

This is Minnesota Nice. Neighbors do Japanese-style stretches very far apart from/with neighbors. — Star Tribune

Trump rejects special Obamacare enrollment period during pandemic. — Politico

Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler sold more stock than we knew after getting her coronavirus briefings, buying stock in DuPont, which makes PPE, instead. Whoops. (AJC)

They broke up right before they got locked down. — Savage Love

I love the US Consumer Product Safety twitter account more than a woman should love a twitter account.

The Van Eyck is still the best one, but these re-created paintings are all great.

This Wonker makes pet toys and (human? presumably!) jewelry!

This Wonker makes political pins and shirts and totes and cetera!

This Wonker makes beautiful garden drawings!

This Wonker makes knits!

This Wonker makes 2016 election games, on which you could spend a lot of quality time learning the rules and then once you finally understand them it is very very fun! This Wonker is me!

Check your local library website to see what free music and books you can download!


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